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What is WRONG with support?!? Can they even read?

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  • What is WRONG with support?!? Can they even read?

    IGN: FlashingRed

    I contacted support today asking about the new dragon. I had no idea Ember was coming out (I read forums sometimes but I don't have time to read them all, I would rather spend time playing the game)

    Support tells me the same speil as the forum post for Ember that I now see, word for word. That is fine but I had a question they didn't answer. So I sent the question again. "Because I have already completed Green tier dragons does that mean I am not allowed to evolve the new dragon, Ember."

    Want to guess what their ridiculous response was??

    "Thank you for contacting us regarding your points not showing properly. Please note that our system is currently experiencing a small delay and our engineers are working on improving our system. That said, we have noted that all points are eventually added and what players are experiencing is just a delay in receiving points. In some cases it could take up to 30 min for points to be added."

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MY QUESTION! This is a canned response from the LAST event.

    Get rid of them, your support team is completely useless and full of expletive.

    I refuse to use them any longer, you need to supply a different medium for us to communicate with PG. If you force me to contact you through support even one more time they will not be happy with how I speak to them.

    PGJared EggToken CampusLifer Pixxel I don't know who to tag so I tagged all the ones I know. 😊

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    1. The canned response, I assume, handles a large majority of the newbies posting in. It happens a lot as they send that to every ticket when needed.
    2. Reply back saying it didn't answer your question. Someone will come back and help you.
    3. Just learn how In Game Support works and it'll be fine.

    To answer your question, since you have Green Legendaries you will not be able to evolve Ember. Fear not! He only goes to Orange and his evolution stones (I believe) are only in in app purchases.
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    • RedMcRae
      RedMcRae commented
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      I know he is a weak dragon but Im a collector, I want them all. 😁😁

    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      You can still hatch him, just not evolve him.

    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      RedMcRae Do you want to pay $99.99 USD to collect the orange evolution?

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    Is RedMcRae your IGN? I'd be happy to go look up your ticket and see where things went awry.

    PFFFT, this is what I get for reading posts past bedtime. Thanks for posting your IGN. I'll review.
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      Okay, upon reviewing this I agree that the ticket was handled incorrectly. Not even the bulk-reply about event points, but the previous ticket had answers to vague to resolve your question. I'll have a talk with the support team as well as the agent in question to make sure everyone is 100% on how to respond to questions about Ember.


      • RedMcRae
        RedMcRae commented
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        Thank you PGJared. I didn't post this for a specific resolution, especially since Red was kind enough to give me the answer. I posted it to show the disconnect a lot of us usually encounter when dealing with Support.

        I would say this is a normal interaction with support in my experience and leads to a lot of player frustration with PG. (I have had many, many similar responses from support, often way off topic resulting in 2-5 support tickets being opened when one should have sufficed)

        I have gotten upset with the support staff in the past and haven't been the most polite at times. I always start out polite know, frustration.

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      It may be the same person as what happened in my case ("Seann").
      I asked a question about transferring accounts and the reply I got was about event points as well and even the "Hello, *Dragon Lord*!" wasn't even changed.
      Just a heads up to PG.


      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        Mass-replies like that unfortunately happen when we're getting slammed with a bajillion tickets about a single issue. We're moving to a new CRM that will provide better granularity for isolating which tickets are about an issue instead of keyword searching (in this case likely "point" or "points").

      • Forrestt
        Forrestt commented
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        I have noticed that, and it then raises the problem that we can't trust the information we're getting from in game support.

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      So the new dragon is available, i bred him(Ember) just to have himand went on a run which leveled him to the point of needing the purple evolve stone etc..although theres no evolve stone value pack in my store etc, this is a problem as you offer us new items "for purchase"(which is really annoying) but i have no access..ive reset phone and reinstalled game etc but no change is this a galaxy/android issue? Is anyone else having this issue.@PGJared

      Also, i wish there was a way for us to store extra XP thats on a maxed dragon, so this way we can use the extra xp at our own discression and not have to waste rubies to buy xp to transfer to dragon as we did the work to accrue the xp in the first place..

      Everything costs and its getting a bit out of control!
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      • RedMcRae
        RedMcRae commented
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        Khaleesi, as was stated in my original post. If you have already bred a Green tier legendary dragon then the packs to evolve Ember will not be available to you. Sorry about the confusion but restarting your game won't do anything to resolve it. 🙃

      • ITIL
        ITIL commented
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        RedMcRae They sent out an in-game announcement recently that anyone will be able to buy packs for the next two weeks; after that, it goes back to being unavailable to those who've bred a green legendary.

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      These kind of situations might be resolved better if support was actually in the US and played the game. Just a suggestion.


      • Jeff8682
        Jeff8682 commented
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        Yes please use some of the 90m investment or the millions in profit you make to do this. Other than some decent coders, this would vastly improve most players experience. I don't know what I would do if a support member actually understood the game or issue I am trying to describe.

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      My past 3 previous questions from support has been answered with a blanket statement that they send out to everyone. Do they even read our questions/problems any more?


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        Maybe try looking at the time the player has been playing or something. Support is awful and I'm not one to complain unless things are really messed up. I spent more then I wanted to on this game, and I respect the fact they treat all
        as equall, but with the money they make off the game I would like for them to at least read my 4th and 5th message after the auto reply. I have some real issues with the game at the moment. I can't see fire and ice or projectiles shot at me. It's just a still board. I can't see my flame or my dragon attack. Sig has lost all his reverse projectiles from runes that was part of the tree. And this change with tarand has me confused. Ok we got a new lethal barrier double blast rune, but what about my mythic explosive shield rune that I have equipped. Why can't they remove that like they did for so many others if it doesn't work. Could really use some help on this besides automated response. Customer Service is really lacking in my book. Send the auto 1 or 2 times but not 3,4, or 5. Sorry if it sounds like a rant, but really need this fixed before me and 7 other players move on. IGM lunarbahamut.
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          PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer

          ​​​​​​​I just received the reply from support re tarand and sage explosive shield runes and glyphs. It's a pin pong back and forth couple of conversations now. I asked them to remove explosive shield runes on tarand and sag and they told me the same line about lethal barrier rune. And this is their last reply...

          Dragon Lord!
          Thank you so very much for contacting us today and I'm sorry to hear some of you are currently receiving Spring Destiny Sigil as apposed to Summer Destiny Sigil when opening chests. Please know that we are aware of this issue and our developer team are looking into the cause so as to offer a speedier resolution. While we will be unable to offer an immediate solution at this time, rest assured that we will do our utmost to have the issue with receiving Spring Sigil during Summer season events fixed and resolved as soon as possible.

          As for players still receiving Energy packs and Inner Fire as apposed to Wood resources and Speedup boosts, this is also being looked into by the dev-team. While we currently cannot compensate for this issue, we are looking into the current contents of Bronze and Gold chests so as to insure they are appropriate for the Fortification event.

          If your issue was not addressed here, please open a new support ticket so that we may properly assist you.

          Once again, thank you so very much for your understanding while we work on resolving these issues!


          😳😳😳 what the...
          completely nothing to do with my ticket. This is how PG's support team work???