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PG's No refund policy is a scam.

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  • PG's No refund policy is a scam.

    So pg
    Why are you still employing people that have 0 knowledge of wd? And why are people not getting their EARNED and BOUGHT sigils back since YOU changed the dragons midway event. People use sigils and money to spend on an product (event dragon) they picked. When you change dragons you change the product they wanted. And why do you put boosts on dragons that wont work on higher bases in the first place? Isnt that knowledge known by now??? Have your coders and dragon coders play wd in high lvls and maybe then they figure things out.

    They deserve a refund. Not dodging replies like this >
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    In Europe and Australasia you will be entitled to a refund from Google Play/ Apple store. They usually do it pretty fast especially if you explain the situation and provide evidence that you reached out to PG and PG did not resolve.

    In Australia the dragon change comes under consumer protection law specifically goods/services not meet description of original use. In this case I havent spent a dime for a few weeks but I can still fully understand why customers would be upset.
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      Yes apple does but there are people that dont spend n grind so I doubt apple would help those people


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        Seems he is asking to have his Sigil rolled back so he can go with a different dragon rather then refunding actual money for packs. It's just worded poorly so it's hard to tell whether he is asking for a money refund he spent on packs or wants his Sigil reimbursed so he can go with a different dragon.


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          She .. not he

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          I'll need photographic evidence of that lol.

        • Ruarai
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          Yo creepy dude on the internet. You are being creepy.

          And no I havent spent any sigils on a dragon yet since I am aware pg screws people over last minute.

          What i am asking, if you are still able to read this (damn those testosterone lvls must be going wild ) is what pg will do to refund the amount of time,boosts,packs and sigils people wasted on picking a dragon they changed in the event

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        I have also requested a refund on the sigils I have used... not money. But the actual sigils I've spent. As I did not know that the skills would be changing... this changes my decision. And it really isn't fair that it was changed after we had spent. We should have the option to redo. It's unfortunate that this would cause time from the developers. But it's a business. And it's the businesses responsibility to conduct business properly