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  • Well done support!

    Sharing a good support story. I sent in a message to Support about missing the rune compensation for a dragon. A friendly request to be given these runes.

    Two hours after I opened the ticket, Jose replied telling me he didn't have the capabilities to take care of it, but he passed it on to those who did.

    Seven hours after I opened the ticket, Denise C. sent me an adorable message with my runes.

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    just like any company, there are competent and incompetent employees, all comes down to training and if they care about their job or not. I have to say though it is refreshing to see some positive feedbacks for little as it maybe.


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      I experienced the same, they were very friendly and solved it within 24h
      However I was disappointed by the secondary effects of the runes but that's another story and nothing the support can influence.
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        I have only ever had good experiences with support to be completely honest. I also rarely contact support though. I think one of the reasons they get so much shit is because some people just spam them with every problem they ever have. Someone on here was talking about how they missed a reward by 5 points in a breed event because they were auto breeding so they opened a complaint..... That's not their problem that person messed up and missed the reward oh well. I think too many people contact support for crap like that. If we want support to be useful we can't be wasting their time with useless reports so they have more time to deal with actual problems.