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Support team response really

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  • Support team response really

    I know there's not anyone who can believe this one😂

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    I'm probably the only one who gets these


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      I'm trying to replicate. I just asked the same question. I'll get my team members to do the same if this ends up being fun.


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        "How about some food packs in here geez" isn't really reporting an issue or providing actionable feedback. I can understand the support agent's confusion in this case.


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          I am confused. I thought pg was not going to be reviewing forums, but wanted support tickets. Did I miss something?


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            Hello. The point of this forum section is to report actual problems with support interactions. "How about some food packs in here geez" is a pretty confusing and non-constructive message to send to someone, and then calling them dumb is even worse. In this case you're just trolling our team and posting it to the forums for people to laugh at it.

            That is super inappropriate. Giving constructive negative feedback is ok --- random outbursts of disrespect is not. I'm closing this topic. Please don't create topics like this and please don't treat our team in this manner.
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