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Had a great support follow up

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  • Had a great support follow up

    Just want to put a positive in here ... I reported the missing inner fires. And they gave them back.... was quick and painless. I couldn't tell
    tgem exactly how many I missed as I didn't think it would matter... I wrote them off as a loss. But then thought. Why not try.. THEY ACTUALLY SENT THEM BACK!! Along with the energy packs for the lost super attacks. I was completely astounded.

    Thanks support.

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    Same for me, I contacted support about the IF and they quickly and easily responded and gave the IF back. Good job support team.


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      Wow, im glad they helped you guys. I have seen responses to some people saying they would not compensate. Thats one of the issues with support though, no consistency. I will be sending a ticket in to try to get mine back as well now.


      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        FWIW, my first ticket for the missing IF was closed with an infuriating nonresponsive cut and paste that didn't even address the issue. I reopened, send a rather pointed follow-up and got credited.

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      Sadly, most of the support cases really hinge on who you get as your contact person. Some clearly work/try harder than others.


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        Pgjared. Just a simple thought. There is no reason why the points wouldn't count at last run of the pvp or pve. It doesn't effect team points at all if they do... the effort was put in and the resources used for the individual player points. Just saying that making the points count would definitely decrease the support interactions for this event. Without effecting anything in the event.

        Just to clarify. The destroyed island gives x amount of points. The individuals effort does not increase the amount of points that the island is worth to the team. It only directly effects the individual points score of the person attacking. The attack was made therefor the points to the ind should be awarded


        • PGJared
          PGJared commented
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          Right now we're working to make messaging more clear that the attack didn't count due to the island being destroyed and making sure that you're credited what you spent. Counting the points for islands that are destroyed would require a fair amount more rebalancing of the event economy than returning consumables.

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        High rollers are also treated WAY better and faster and compensated more than non spenders. I have seen many examples (screenshots of entire interactions) proving this. I unserstand it, they deserve it, but the rest deserve far better than they get.


        • Sprectomegakai
          Sprectomegakai commented
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          Purchase a warranty package that gives you premium queue in support? ;-;