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support could give out more accurate information please

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  • support could give out more accurate information please

    IGN: mizku

    hello! I just contacted support a few days back and they could not provide an answer to the question I had.
    my question was: why did I receive an egg token mission for a spell none of my active dragons have?
    simple question really, as the answer was, yeah RNG. I know it's RNG but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to get
    missions for spells that are not in your active roster.

    in the end I received the answer to my question from fellow players.
    apparently dragons on perches count towards your active roster and can get missions from them. please fix this.

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    Do you have perches on your base and dragons on those perches?


    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      1) Support has already been informed of the bug. I was trying to verify that the bug was what was happening in this case before I went and spoke to the agent in question.
      2) It's being worked on.

    • Mizku
      Mizku commented
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      Yes i do have a perch, and that indeed caused the wrong mission to apoear.

    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      Mizku, thanks for letting me know. I'll talk to the agent(s) involved with this and remind everyone again to be more careful.