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Greetings Dragon Lords! Please visit our new forums at! We're leaving this old forum up for a period of time to allow players to migrate over any important posts, but will eventually close them out. Please note that you will need to log in using your PocketID over on the new forum. You can also access them through the game by tapping on Settings > Forums!
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How to use this Channel

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  • How to use this Channel

    This channel is for reporting interactions with the support team that you feel were handled improperly. Improving our support system is of key importance, and a big part of that is listening to feedback. With that in mind, here are some Do's and Don'ts

    • Provide your in-game name
    • Provide why you feel the ticket was handled incorrectly
    • Understand that we'll likely be responding through the support system, unless your issue is "I can't contact support at all" and then we'll take it to private messaging or something. I don't want to air everyone's laundry out in public.

    • Provide any identifying info other than in-game name. That's all we need to see your support ticket. If we need more info we'll ask via the appropriate channels.
    • Report an issue that you haven't even take to support yet (that's what the bug forum is for).
    • Continue reporting the same interaction over and over. We will review the incident and determine if something needs to be changed / improved, but sometimes we are going to agree with support agents and not everyone is going to walk away happy 100% of the time.
    • Insult, demean, threaten, or antagonize any PG staff or any other player.