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Who threw the spear in Necryx chest?

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  • Who threw the spear in Necryx chest?

    Am i the only wondering about who have thrown the spear in Necryx chest?
    My apologies if it is already explained somewhere.

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    It was CampusLifer after Nec dared to ask him to increase tokens for the player base that Nec has more similar strong dragon homies around. Echo is currently updating the dragon tales and is censoring the cursing parts of CL while he tried to kill Nec before his words could be heard by PGs management. After CL realized that Nec was undead he decided to cut Necs tongue out so his words could never be heard neither by the player base nor by PGs management.

    That's why we see Nec bleeding now...
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      It was the Night King, duh!


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        Should have had the Dragon Rider look like the Night King and blow blue fire. Would have been awesome.


        • MareZ
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          Damn yeah! Hopefully this will be implemented for the winter mythic hunter!