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Dragon ovulation app?

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  • Dragon ovulation app?

    Cant believe it takes some dragon parents 1,000 shags to produce 1 offspring.

    Either they are watching too much R18 entertainment and firing in the wrong spots, or they need IV treatment or they arent familiar with ovulation cycles.

    Can someone please make an app that they can use? I'm sure the bloke isnt complaining but 1,000 shags is a joke!!!. I cant burn cities, pillage treasure and conquor the world when half my roster needs to indulge in this excessive activity

    I made the terrible mistake of going into the den the the other day and I tell you what even the ancient bath house Romans would of blushed with some of the kinky stuff going on in there.

    lets get an app out and keep each offspring to 10 shags!

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    What a lovely (and pornographic) way to reinforce the point that drags are too costly even for moderate spenders... 😂


    • gaza8143
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      You must have an over active imagination I am just telling it as I see it and some things can't be unseen!!

      Sometimes I wonder if I am playing a War Dragon game where I blow stuff up or if I am playing a dragon dating app.

      Less breeding more blowing stuff up I say
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    and it simply takes too Long! Even with autobreed it takes 15 mins to breed a freaking sapphire Dragon.


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      Try reading this to your dragons:


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        Oh man someone redirected my thread to the dragon tavern this is only going to make the issue worse!