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  • Stolen Line Identity

    Hey community,

    If you get a message from "Red" on Line, asking for a team merger with Rulith, please report them. This is not me. They have stolen my pictures, name, and are sending messages to a lot of people. Thanks
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    Love Red,

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    So the pictures they sent, are not actually from you .. dammit i knew it.


    Is it your old account or a new they created ?


    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      It's a new account to impersonate; her actual account is fine. The person also isn't as well-written, so hopefully people can tell XD

    • Mr. Nuffle
      Mr. Nuffle commented
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      What an asshole move...

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    Just report to in-game support, or do you want a heads up as well? I'll distro to my team-memebers and in LC.


    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      This is not in game. This is on the Line app that many of us use to communicate outside of game.

    • NUM1PHAT
      NUM1PHAT commented
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      Ohh, lol, my bad. Was wondering what "Stolen Line Identity" meant. Belay my last.

    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      I appreciated you trying to help though!