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Player Request for June

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  • Player Request for June

    The game got rid of Player Request because PGJared said they wasn't doing right by the players.
    They decided to handle feedback & suggestions by creating a mega thread.
    If you have feed back which you actually want to be considered, Don't post it here!
    Post it in the feedback section so it can go on the mega thread!

    This is an off - topic thread which merely gives advice & suggestions which are irrelevant.
    However, It is fun!

    As always post your own 3 irrelevant request for the game!!

  • #2
    Request 1 : Ban PlayerJ.

    Request 2: Make sure PlayerJ has been banned.

    Request 3: Go to request 1.


    • #3
      Dammit hydra you beat me to it


      • #4
        If we can't have him banned.. can we at least ban him copy and pasting his useless posts every month. Just scanning his post for player requests every month.. it seems to get dumber and have more mistakes every time.

        Stop the insanity.. ban or at least cap him at 40 characters per post.


        • #5
          Even better would be to post his ingame name 😈


          • #6
            Sandberg74 agreed.

            Perhaps we take a new tune and all recommend PlayerJ for feature of the month.. I mean since he has helped so greatly in forums.. lol.. then his player name comes to us via PG


            • Sandberg74
              Sandberg74 commented
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              🤔 thats an exellent idea

            • odie1993
              odie1993 commented
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              Remember the excellent write up on the totems. That deserves recognition since that was the only positive write up for PG on the totems.

          • #7
            Haha. Sorry Bulldog.