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Player Request for May

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  • Player Request for May

    The game got rid of Player Request because PGJared said they wasn't doing right by the players.
    They decided to handle feedback & suggestions by creating a mega thread.
    If you have feed back which you actually want to be considered, Don't post it here!
    Post it in the feedback section so it can go on the mega thread!

    This is an off - topic thread which merely gives advice & suggestions which are irrelevant.
    However, It is fun!

    As always post your own 3 irrelevant request for the game!!

  • #2
    Player Request 1:
    Old Divine Dragons

    The current 1 hit wonder every other year rotation the game is on with old Divines is really sad.
    The Dragons I am talking about are the old Breeding Divine dragons.
    It takes years to get dragons which were released 2 years ago to be available!

    Lets not mention the Fall - Winter Divine Dragons which are more current.
    I suspect I will be able to get Phasmos or Algor 3 - 4 years from now.

    How wonderful!
    I think it will be a great collectors item.
    I might even fly it using Ice Shock on level 60 - 70 buildings.


    • YellowMonkey
      YellowMonkey commented
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      Even though I think divines shouldn't be offered more than once, I hope you get the chance to get Algor or phasmos to use on level 60-70 duildings.

      P.s. It probably won't be as wonderful as you think.

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    Player Request 2:
    Star Wars Theme in honor of the Worlds International Holiday!

    Player city's Sky should look like outter space, not blue skys!

    New hats should be released - Dragons should have the ability to wear Darth Vador Hats!
    New armors should be released - Star Troopers White Armor should be available for the dragon.
    New Perch equip items - Light Sabors!
    New Battle Arena - Dragon Light Sabor Duels.

    Dragons shall fight in light sabor combat.
    Will your dragons be able to win?

    "May the Fourth be with You!"



    • #4
      Player Request 3:
      In-Game Syntax Limit

      I want to keep my notifications on in case my team has an emergency.
      They might need me.
      However, I don't want to wake up with a thousand Syntax messages saying stuff like:
      • Hello, Panda Bear
      • Help! I can't beat this level 7 war base.

      Maybe having a 5 - 10 Syntax Limitation is enough to get the message across?


      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        There's always the option to turn off notifications when you go to bed. Not only pg, but also your phone gives you these options.

        I hope you can figure it out, I know the few seconds it takes to clear the messages first thing when you wake up is just soo much hard work.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        If you are the leader of your team i'd suggest trying a few things here in the meantime:

        1) Try having an open discussion with the team. Tell them to only use the @ callout during emergency situations or when somebody is confirmed to be online and they just want to direct specific messages or questions to a certain person during times of heavy chat. This should help cut down on the number off OFFLINE callout notifications that you recieve.

        2) Try a separate app for officer/leader/trusted member chat. Use Kik or Line or something similar that can be used out of game to chat, share pictures/screenshots, or in case of emergencies. You can tweak those programs to mute certain chat notifications and only show up messages for certain people. We used to do this and i'd always be reachable by the core team for emergencies even before this @ function came into existence

        3) And as much as we realize you are a super amazing player and needed by your team, perhaps you can lean on your officers of the team to pull up some slack when you are offline. They should be able to help with war runs, transfer RSS, answer questions/make difficult decisions while you are not online. If you don't have these trusted people in your officer positions, maybe try promoting some people from within your team to these positions or find some other people to bring on board. Also, if you are the only high level player on your team, maybe it's worth trying to recruit another high level that can help out with said war runs. If you are the only high player, there is a chance that you will be required to come online whenever any of your players need backup on their war runs. It's never fun to only have 1 high level player when he isn't online.

    • #5
      Player Request #1:

      Get spells fixed 100%

      This is the main issue i see being brought up on the forums, put all efforts on this single request. Don't go trying to sort runes, don't try and implement new armor, don't add special holidays or other garbage. Bring this game up to a reasonable level of consistency and reliability by giving dragons the power they were intended to, not having spells fizzle or crash or just plain not work.


      • wardragonslayne
        wardragonslayne commented
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        Agree 100% Mechengg please fix all the broken spells etc before adding new features to the game. This will go into player requests until you guys actually fix and not rebreak spells

    • #6
      Player Request #2:

      Ignore all other player requests until spells are fixed 100%

      Pretty self explanatory request.


      • PlayerJ
        PlayerJ commented
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        Did they ever fix Cloak?

        I think that was the only spell which I really wanted fixed first lol.

        However, it would be nice if they fix them all.

    • #7
      Player Request #3:

      Keep forum users/players in the loop on all the spell fixes until they are 100% fixed and tested

      We will be your test basis. We will run all of our dragons through bases with all the different spell combinations, we will try and break the spells. We have done a pretty good job of it so far, so communicate it to us and we will test it ASAP and THEN you can close the issue and check it off your list.


      • #8

        1st Player Request:

        For each of the seasonal divine dragon branches, I would like for there to be a separate part of the branch just for the dragon accessories,(wigs, hats and any other future items for fashion.)

        Accessories can be placed on the 1st short path that doesn't have the dragon and the evolution stones on it for each of the seasonal dragon branches, and everything else can be placed on the 2nd part branch with the evolution stones.
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        • #9
          Request 1. Decrease the extremely long times to upgrade towers. No tower or building should take 30+ days!


          • #10
            Request 2. Increase the amount of RSS protected in the storage hut!


            • #11
              Request 1 : Show us daily pics of PGs new Ferraris/30 bedroom mansions and exotic company holidays - let us know the cash is being put to good use


              • #12

                #2 Player Request

                We already know that there was an unpleasant surprise with the Reverse Projectiles rune not working or enhancing dragons with the Invert spell. PG had to create Invert runes to fix this. Pg also had to create Chaos runes because the havoc rune, invisibility rune, and healing mark rune wasn't doing it justice.

                👆My request would be to do this with the rest of the spells, and to make runes matching the spells' names for the new spells.

                Frozen Tomb
                rune instead of ▶️ Freeze rune & Invincibility rune
                Runes for: Steal Essence rune, Seething Spark, Heat Shield, Heated Breath, etc


                • #13
                  Player Request No. 3. make some graphic changes with season changes, like the Halloween muddy water. Snow and ice in the winter, flowers etc for spring, like that. Since it would be too difficult to make alternate run routes, vary the graphics a bit.


                  • PlayerJ
                    PlayerJ commented
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                    Yeah! I am upset that they don't do this any more lol.

                • #14
                  Player request 4: pg to stop lying to its players. New chests will cost 4k. Oh wait we think we can nickel and dime them into 5k.

                  i want complete transparency. If you say your going to do something do it. You give your word and no one trusts your word anymore.