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    Movie Suggestion 1:

    Kubo and the Two Strings

    I watched this movie recently and it is awesome!

    As everyone knows, Summer is the time you watch movies.
    But I screwed up and watched this movie early

    My suggestion is you do the same thing, but for Summer break.
    I know a lot of people need watch this movie
    They have problems trying to watch animated films
    but this is really a good one.

    My idea is that you watch this movie one day after your vacation starts or maybe even a week.


    • Pixxel
      Pixxel commented
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      I still need to finish this one! The art style in this was triiiiiiippy.
      Bonus points since it's on Netflix right now.

    • vin28
      vin28 commented
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      Pixxel the art style was brilliant. They have taken so much effort, check out this behind the scenes timelapse

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    Movie Suggestion 2:

    The Man from Earth

    This is an awesome movie, a bit old.
    The actors just sit around and talk in this movie.
    They argue and debate.
    There are so many twists.

    Every few minutes there is some new revelation
    However, It has a catch!
    The catch is just like in real life.
    You can never tell if the protagonist is telling the truth, lying or crazy!

    This movie will give your brain a workout.
    If you can guess the ending half way through you win!


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      Movie suggestion 3:

      Vantage Point

      This is not a popular movie.
      People like to see scenes with different things in them.
      This movie shows the same things again and again
      It is actually very fun.

      During this movie, You can never tell what is going to happen. lol
      Each scene shows the same scenario but a little different.

      Each repetition of the scene adds little details and new characters.
      Will the president die, will they catch the suspect?
      Watch it it is fun


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        Mechengg TheBulldog LordKaiS Spooky elements1 MareZ CaptainC

        Listen to playerJ
        You can comment here this is the Dragon Tavern.

        We talk about what ever!
        Maybe we will like it.
        Maybe we will think it is dumb.

        You never know!
        The good news is at least you got it off your chest!


        • vin28
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          yup I was possessed, sorry MareZ wont bother you

        • TheBulldog
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          My post to ban you Jay is at 25 likes. Still most popular. Quit trolling.

        • Brigitte25
          Brigitte25 commented
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          Greatest movie ever and very possibly apt for our current political situation: "Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worying and Love the Bomb". Directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Peter Sellers in 3 different roles, George C. SCott, Sterling Hayden and Keenan Wynn.

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        If you are going to do player request movies for April, You should at least make the movie request very good or very bad!
        My gosh!
        Vantage point?
        Don't recommend mediocre movies!

        You want to watch a movie?
        I got a real tear jerkier!
        You will feel the sadness!

        Watch the movie "The Last Samurai".

        You want to watch a movie which is semi-scary & suspenseful?
        I got a good one.
        The plot twist are very good!

        Watch the movie "Dead Silence"

        You want to watch a movie which is extremely stupid/bad?
        It is so bad that your going to ask yourself during the movie "Why am I watching this?"
        You sit thinking something good is going to happen.
        Than it never does!
        Than the movie is over!

        It is so bad!
        It was on netflix in the trending category.
        I thought it was going to be good since it was trending.
        It didn't stay on the trending list for very long.
        It was so stupid!

        Watch the movie "Tank432"


        • vin28
          vin28 commented
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          Like i said Vantage point not a popular movie, but I like it!
          Have seen The Last Samurai, Highly recommended!
          Not really into horror movies
          Tank432 imdb rating is 3.6/10 i have absolutely nothing to do will watch it

        • wardragonslayne
          wardragonslayne commented
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          You want bad? Watch Transmorphers I hope it's still on Netflix. Holy is that movie bad, beyond bad.. like you can't unwatch it bad.

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        Trust me brother, you don't want to watch it!
        It is so bad


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          Request no. 1: group the same runes together
          request no, 2: explain which runes the blue vs white explosive shield spells work with
          request no. 3: explain which runes reverse projectile and invert spells work with

          i ask because on 2 and 3 I thought they were interchangeable


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            PlayerJ made this topic with a request that even one of the PG employees, Pixxel liked and a super moderator, CaptainC liked the topic so much he has posted a request as well. 👀 So for those that suggest the moderators ban him, you might want to scroll up a bit.


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              Is there a word for a troll who trolls trolls?


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                Originally posted by Brigitte25 View Post
                Is there a word for a troll who trolls trolls?
                Oh the word which describes people like that are called Fans.


                • Skittles
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                  Lol 😂