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Wood eating dragon

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  • Wood eating dragon

    Hi all today i had a wacky thought about what dragon would he good for this game we all know how frustrating being in charge of so much wood you cannot even give away let alone use, so i thought mmmmmm a new dragon must be created that would fit this role perfectly. A Trojan horse dragon that eats wood to lvl hahahaha strange you may ask with a special attack power of being a friendly so base doesn't fire onto him for a few seconds whilst smaller men drop out to attack defence weapons then dragon swaps between different types of fire power.... just a thought but would be cool what do you think????

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    Sounds cool but what do you feed the soldiers that drop from this wooden dragon?
    Will they need parachutes or will they go splat when they suddenly stop from the fall?
    Will the graphics show broken and mangled bones? Blood spurting from severed arteries?
    I think PG has enough on its plate to worry about instead of getting new ideas that will cause even more problems.
    Besides the game will have run its course before it even hits the beta stage unless PG changes their way of thinking.


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      The spring divines would have been perfect wood eaters. Bunnies and deer and caterpillars are all herbivores, right?


      • rawrlsy
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        Actually, rabbits have been seen to eat meat, small nibbles of it :P

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      Not really directed at you tc more of a rant. Idk why so many people always dump thier wood like theyre scared that someone is going to steal it. Scared about losing something that they don't need it, that no one they know needs lol it don't even matter. Personally I enjoy keeping my wood capped to encourage visitors