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Food, where is it? And why there isn't more.....

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    Its like everytime with ressources.... it depends on time and moment when you search for... And yea sometimes you need refresh the search too ...
    During some events wood and food arent findable... during some others there is...
    Same with the daytime, when you search for and when not...

    Unwanted i played 3 games and got over 260k food for a upgrade. During wood hunt for some teammates of mine...of course vs much higher level, so 40-50+ level difference

    I really guess some need work harder or change the strategy of it. Last topic i wrote how to do it at best with team or with effort.
    Of course how told... its not everytime the same ... So we need to live with it ...

    Just wondering how everytime its the same here, but i can find it on my own, or with my team, which i not ask really for hmmm :x
    But i admit feeding 300 isnt as feeding 600-900... but there is where people need there team if they cant spent on goldchests during feed or breed event.

    Add advise.: you could find some guy with great amount and use a small teammate as decoy... so it would be extreme much more
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      Excuse me please. I am from germany and my english isnt as well as most people probably. Maybe i think german and write english .. ^^
      If something isnt so clear i can repost something with more time, with shorter sentences to make sense .

      In fact i just say that it depend on time , when you hunt .. Daytime as weektime..
      Beside that it depend on yourself and your team. Thats the summary of it

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      Your English is great!
      Sorry I do not speak GermanšŸ˜Š

    • EmrahT
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      Hehe, thank you very much LutherDrogon ... made me happy to hear )

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    Maybe I am wrong but imho the lack of food was a bit better in the last two weeks since they increased the maximum level of the farms to 35. I broke the second sound barrier at level 132 (all legendary platinums are uncapped, five levels on the actual divines and two levels on Shade and Skarr) and I was able to hunt about five millions of food within a couple of hours.


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      I didnĀ“t evaluate that yet because during PVP Events usually there is more food out there. Big question is where is the food in an event free time ... oh wait! Thank good the PG Weekend is 5 days and event free time is only for 2 days

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      Hey BaronVonRukh, nice to meet you again
      I see it as you said... some here really cant play , or dont know how to do... Because i was able to find near million food inside a hour too... as a level 120+...
      It really depend on daytime, weektime as i said... but as always the biggest cry is when its breed event or for wood fortification...
      It is all logical... and there is a lot of food... And if 1 player is too low for that hunt... just ask your team as i said ... you find ways really..

      Anyway... 5 millions... gratulation never had that much ... maybe never need to

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    Well as a 120 plus you have lots of people that are above or slightly below you. As a 200 plus we don't have as many options. The number of players below 200 or 150 is much much higher than the number of players over 200. Since the amount of food is scaled, even though a level 150 may have 300k food, as a 200 I can only steal maybe 8k. Meanwhile, the level 120 or 150 hits the level 200 plus player with a high level backer and takes almost all of the food except for the 100k I can protect which is roughly 1/10th of what I need to feed my dragons. Food is still a big problem. There was a slight improvement with the increased farm levels but I still can't feed my high level dragons.
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      True. RSS should be uncapped at same level as dragons. A lvl 180 ish can have a full grown garnet dragon and raid lvl 300 bases. But the lvl 300 can't do the opposite.. its screwed up.

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      Ah, okay ... that is definetly a problem ... :-/