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  • MythicForce

    We have 5-8 spots available to active, 150+ lvl players. We are SO ready to make a push to Sapphire but we need those few perfect players to help get us there. I understand asking a lvl 200 to join a plat team is a long shot, but if you’re willing to give us a two week trial run, & we aren’t in Sapphire by then, you can quit. No harm, no foul. We currently have 7 lvl 200+ Players. Our team is super social in game and on Line. Adults only. We have Aussies, Europeans, Americans, lawyers, valley girls, accountants, landscape guys, moms, strippers*, cat lovers, cat haters, taco lovers, big spenders, & window lickers. Message any officers in game if interested and we’ll swap an alt out for ya. Give us 2 weeks. We’re a bunch of scrappy mother fuckers. You’ll love us.
    *we may or may not have strippers but if that’s a deal breaker, our Aussies are wild & could be persuaded.

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    lol... Are you in plat 1, you might want to include what exact league you are in. We are in platinum 1 and you're going to need a 300+ to survive wars in Sapphire 3.