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  • Holyblades2 platinum 4

    Hi My team, HolyBlades2, is currently looking for 10 players to replace some inactive members as well as a few alts. We're currently in platinum4 and are looking to strengthen our roster before having a go at platinum 3 . Our requirements consist of the usual stuff: 5 flames in war, event participation, keeping an active status, and communicating in TC so that we can coordinate our efforts. If for some reason you won't be available for a period of time or may not be able to do war attacks you should inform one of the officers so that we can work something out without loosing any egg tokens or rank. Everyone is very helpful with rss, xp runs, and/or answering any questions you may have so feel free to speak up. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂 Email me therealepic
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    We did good in the event. For having 4 players with 0 points could have done way better with a few more active players. We are in 10 place