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New team with Diamond & Sapphire trained officer corp

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  • New team with Diamond & Sapphire trained officer corp

    I'm recruiting for my new team, TheBrowncoats. We are currently in Gold III, but every league shift we go up fast! We've only been playing this team for a couple weeks but it's coming together beautifully. And it's a great chance for smaller recruits to get in on the ground floor of what will be a Sapphire team. Our goal is Sapphire I. We've been in Diamond and we have no desire to go back.

    We are a no dead weight team. I have zero issues with kicking people who don't show up. The normal stuff is required: don't miss wars, participate in events, LINE is required, must be able to communicate in English, and hopefully a bit chatty in TC. Most importantly though is the personality fit. We're a fun loving, drunk flying, 420 enjoying, ass-kicking, welcoming to everyone, raunchy, meme sharing, nudes threatening, no bullshit drama, bunch of war dragon veterans and fanatics. If that doesn't scare you then you may be crazy enough for us.

    A bit about my officer corp. Every one of my officers has been trained in Diamond and/or Sapphire, including myself. I led a team for over a year when Sapphire was the top, and we were in it. My war general was trained on a Diamond team to be one of their war officers. When it comes to strategy, power and ability this is the team to be on.

    I just kicked the dead weight which sloughed off during the event, so looking to replace them with committed war dragon addicted folk. For those with the inclination and experience there is the potential of an officer slot.

    Email in game to: DragonSpawn40

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    Name of team?


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      Its pretty well stated in the first line.

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