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Diamond 2 team recruiting

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  • Diamond 2 team recruiting

    Standin2Gether is currently a Diamond 2 team looking to recruit 2 players

    1. Lvl 250+
    2. stay ACTIVE or better
    3. 5 flame all wars
    4. Participate in ALL events
    5. Emerald or higher tier dragons preferred

    if interested either apply or send our leader a message
    Last edited by Texreb; 09-15-2017, 10:27 AM.

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    Still recruiting


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      up up up up up


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        It appears your team is in Sapphire now.


        • EmrahT
          EmrahT commented
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          Yea this ranking system is a nice trigger for all teams to do more wars if they wanna stay.
          Good luck for ya in saphire 1, you should be able to get points there too as your rivals got before !

        • Texreb
          Texreb commented
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          EmrahT would just me nice if in Diamond you could counter act what sapphire teams are getting in event ranking points.. Right now sapphire 1 teams can war get points and if place 1st get +21 ranking points if I’m correct... in Diamond you can war but can’t gain ranking points from event (only can lose them if place poorly in event)

        • EmrahT
          EmrahT commented
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          Yes 1st in event get +21 points, 2nd +18 and 3rd - 5th +12 points up. 6th-10th +3. It is a teamprize , so it is same for whole saphire leagues it seems.
          But you know, it is intended that diamond teams wont get them, they are practically the end station.
          Thats why for diamond teams it is important to war a other team in diamond, to be over waterline.

          The teams in saphir1 arent easier then diamond2 teams, really very close to eachother. Actually i am in 75-100 saphir 1 league , and just checked our rivals, there are not only players over 400, even one over 500.
          It will be a real fight for this points. As you know some teams sit there place in leagues without waring really... or teams with 300-400 players think they dont need to worry, and so for these this ranking points are a intended reaction to keep them on.

          To be honest, i like the new eventsystem that this affect the ranking in leagues. For me it make sense to reshuffle some orders.
          At least every team can compensate it with just 1 war, and not to forgett , the team which is in events firsts , in our case , had the power for higher too.

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        This is a competitive team with a lot of lovely people in it. As they were top 10 in the last event, they should have stayed in D2 but the system was thrown on us too late with 0 logic on the Diamond Rewards Scale. I have no doubt this team will be in D2 again soon, and I am happy to see that happen.

        Its worth it to apply here.
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        • Texreb
          Texreb commented
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          Thanks red

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        I do think we filled the 2 spots now but are always open to new applicants..


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          We are back in D2


          • Sparkneo
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          Bumping up. We have an opening or two.


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            Name of team?


            • Warlord
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              Lol either you cannot read or you’re a troll. You ask this in EVERY recruiting thread duh