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Group of 7 needs new home

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  • Group of 7 needs new home

    Hi all, after 2 years our team imploded. Essentially we were a top 3 Sapphire team but after the restructure were unable to find our mojo with many players getting bored and quitting due to being disenfranchised with the reduced loot, nerfed chests, event prizes and harder season trees.

    We had a few ex diamond players and they returned to diamond.

    So that leaves 7 to 15 of us needing a new home. We have 1x level 150 and the rest are 200 - 248. We all have elite account and most of us spend 50-200 a month.

    Everyone has at least Sapphire drags with a few on Garnet.

    We are looking for a Sapphire team that has minimim event participation requirements along with mandatory war requirement. Line /Facebook are a plus as is RSS channel and War planning chanel.

    Feel free to PM me here or on the thread. Looking to move after current event.

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    Join my team and help us get our continents back on the worldmap


    • gaza8143
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      Haha do you have 7 alts that need to be subbed out?

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    Sorry Gaza, seems our team doesn't have enough rules for yall! 🤣

    And here I thought not having too many rules was a good thing lol
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    • gaza8143
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      We just want everyone to contribute fairly to events and not rely on a few people to do the heavy lifting.

      Also nothing worse than spending 5 hours defending and then lose a war because of a no show.

      My view is everyone in the team needs to share the heavy lifting. But I also want to be transparent with our expectations most mergers or partial mergers that fail are due to the two groups not being on the same page.

    • YellowMonkey
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      Yeah I know what you mean, best of luck finding a new home.

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    Email SoulSurvivors leader. New team looking to build fast with good players over 100 Level. All rules apply Which you stated above.


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      we would be happy to take you 7! we started one week ago and fight our way back to sapphire league. see "lBlitzdingsAGl"..

      need more infos? pm "crounzy" or another officer at our team ✌️



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        Hi gaza i pm-ed you about my team.


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          Thanks for all the PMs guys and gals, I will be working through the options with my crew. Due to the overwhelming response I just want to thank everyone and apologies if I dont respond to everyone, the UI makes it easy to miss PMs cheers!


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            Apply to Ridgemonthigh. We are going to have about ten spots open. My game name is xkillsdracx.


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              We'd be interested as well a lot of veteran players with a similar experience ready to rise back up the ranks hit us up


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                Join Ailapetitemort👍