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Greetings Dragon Lords! Over the last few months we've done lots of work behind the scenes redesigning the forum and will be migrating over to our new forum software in the coming weeks. During this migration, the forums will be set to "read-only" and posting will be disabled. We expect the actual migration to take between 24-48 hours. Please watch for additional Announcements soon with more details!
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Looking for Officers

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  • Looking for Officers

    SoulSurvivors is looking for Active players level 200 and above to fill some Officer spots on a newly started team.
    I left a Sapphire 1 team to build my own team. Applicants must know the In's and Out's of the game. Active players are welcome as well. 100 level and above.
    I am looking forward to some good players joining a new cause!!
    Apply within SoulSurvivors.
    Thanks, CodeFour

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    great that you create your own team. Its just my opinion, I would not recommend that you put a new player as officer on your team.
    An officer, should know the team and all the members in it. He should know who the good players are in the team, and who needs help. And a new member to a team cant know that all, in few days. So I would recommend, look for some active members and play with them. Maybe after months, you can say "yes, that is definitely a person who can do the job of an officer". Otherwise you will see, a lot of people, who just wanna be officer, but didn't do anything for it.
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      That is a great perspective. Thanks.
      i do have my known officers coming over soon to help me out.
      Thanks again..