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Phantomvoid looking for new members

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  • Phantomvoid looking for new members

    We are looking for active new members to join our team.

    We are a platinum 1-2 team and we have some alts and 2 members retiring from the game so we are looking for nice members who love to play war dragons. We are a competitive team and wanna grow together with all our members and new ones. Further we are more like a family and play this game to have fun together and with others. That's what this is about having fun playing the game. We have experienced players and tons of information and help around. This is a team with members from around the world so we got the 24 hours almost always covered with help. The team exists for more than a year now and several members come from the early start of it.

    Your lvl is not as important as activity and war/event participation which are mandatory (except when circumstances dont allow you, and you let it know before hand. We know real life as we all have them ) Thats excluding officers and leader of course .

    Communication is key so you must be actively using in game chat/messages and our phantomvoid line app group. Our main language is english but as we dont rule out anybody from having fun and we also dont speak fluent english all nationalities are welcome. As long as we can understand eachother.

    If you would like to join, send in a request in game, or message an officer or the leader.
    Could be our lvl restraint is too high for you, message me or an officer and we will send you the invite.

    My IGN is the same as forum user.

    Happy flying everyone, and maybe see you in game or in this team, who knows.