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Looking for a team

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  • Looking for a team

    I have found a new home. So just ignore this post.

    I'm looking for a new team.

    Who am I:
    • I'm a 36 year old male living in Norway with my family.
    • I'm a recreational powerlifter, which mean I spend several hours in the gym almost every evening. (more on why that's important later)
    • I'm currently level 108 with plat dragons, will most likely open up shappire dragons in December if my calculations are correct. I'm an active player and have never missed a war.
    • I have a premium account, but aside from that I don't spend money on the game.

    What kind of team am I looking for:
    • Preferably Sapphire 3 or Platinum 1/2
    • Has a mandatory war participant requirement
    • Has minimum standards on event scoring.
    • English speaking
    • Due to my timezone, work, and training I'm usually doing my war attacks when its between 4-6 hours left on the war clock. So a team that I join has accept that.

    Why did I leave my last team:
    My last team was in Sapphire 3 and fulfilled all that I was looking for. But started to enforce a rule of completing war attack during the first 16 hours of a war and is plan to adjust that to the first 12 hours of the war clock. This was interfering with my real life and making this aspect of the game stressful instead of fun.
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    Hey! Would love for you to check out Dominium!

    My in game name is same as name here Laura0823


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      Check out Ridgemonthigh. We are a fast growing team and we are close on getting into Plat 2. game name xkillsdracx