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  • AfterBurnersH8 Come join our family

    AfterBurnersH8 is a team built up in a family form, we support and help eachother no matter what. however we still require you to participate, especially in wars which we will be doing a lot of.
    We have recently finished a rebuilt and are now blasting our way through platinum, but we need a few more active players, are you in???
    We are now in Platinum 3, but we wont be staying here for long.
    Expect wars when you decide to join us, cause there will be a few.

    our requirements:
    lvl 85+
    active and fun players, without fun this would be work and not a game lol.

    Come join our family! we know you wanna!

    Post here, send me an ingame mail (AaronNewbH8) or look up the team and apply, choice is yours
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    This game and team literally saved my sanity last year. ❤️


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      looking for 2 new players atm, we are dominating all events, could use even more firepower