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Greetings Dragon Lords! Please visit our new forums at! We're leaving this old forum up for a period of time to allow players to migrate over any important posts, but will eventually close them out. Please note that you will need to log in using your PocketID over on the new forum. You can also access them through the game by tapping on Settings > Forums!
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IrishDragons is recruiting!

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  • IrishDragons is recruiting!

    Hello fellow Dragon Tamers!

    IrishDragons is a very active family based team and we have several players who are going on holiday/vacation and we are looking for some new recruits!! We have a smaller sister team where we send temporarily inactive members and to grab and train newer recruits! For our main team we require at least level 50 with no less than 4m medals. We are looking 6-8 active, experienced players to join our team as permanent active members! We have frequent wars and we usually 250 flame every one. We have a few alts on the team currently that we are looking to replace with people who can attend every war! We are very friendly and have great communication!

    If you are interested in joining our family of dragon warriors please message Meritamen, Satanta, or myself EgyptianVixen, with a little about you and why you think you'd make a great addition to our team! Please make sure to tell us about your experience level, and understanding of working together as a team!

    Please Note: we are an adult team and adult language is used in chat, however we do keep things respectful! We have people from every time zone, all over the world and we are respectful of all cultures! Please keep in mind that we pride ourselves on being great team players, and be ready to do the same!

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Happy Hunting!

    ~EgyptianVixen~ of IrishDragons 🍀 🐉

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    We are still looking for some recruits to replace our inactive family members that are on vacation! The spots open are permanent slots unless you have to vacation temporarily then we will move you to our alt team until you return! Please message Meritamen, Satanta, or EgyptianVixen in game for more info and apply!