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Sadsacks recruiting in Diamond League,

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  • Sadsacks recruiting in Diamond League,

    Mail Critonyourface if interested.

    Must do all wars, must participate in all events, must bring no drama.

    Bonus points if if you're very active, have line, and can be on at war start time!

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    Update, 1 spot left after breed event


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      Can you update the post to include diamond 2? I don't want people to think you're special enough to be with the big boys up here in diamond 1, the real diamond league.


      • MikeGoN2GetU
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        lol don't be mean

      • Critonyourface
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        Originally posted by Excesseus View Post
        I'm currently in a team that always comes top 3 in diamond 2. It's happened every single event so far. We've won a couple as well. We could get ourselves promoted, come 20th in the events, get our asses kicked in wars, all for less prizes in the events. If you're in diamond 2, apart from the daily egg token increase, there is literally zero point in going to diamond 1 at all.
        Funny, after just reading this, thanks bud

      • Excesseus
        Excesseus commented
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        That was agessss ago. And I was just messing around lol. I like SadSacks, I adore Maya

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      2 spots available


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        Update, 1 spot needed again. Will speak to anyone on line about it, bonus points if you're a big base or great with hau!


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          Bumping this, will need spots filled after event, hit me up