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Built2Burn is looking for more pyroclasts

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  • Built2Burn is looking for more pyroclasts

    We are a new team, small but very active and growing quickly. We are forming a tight-knit group, growing our in-game family together. We currently have players ranging from 9-109, and at this point care less about your level, and more about what kind of player you are. Friendly, social, active, wanting to learn and grow, and help your team mates learn and grow as well.

    Interest or at least an open mind regarding the beta is a plus, as I would love to get back in it with this team, and be very active there.

    From our info page:

    Apply even if we are full.
    Does your significant other say you spend too much time playing War Dragons?
    Does your work morning drag by as you anxiously await lunch hour so you can see if your dragon has hatched?
    Do your teammates ever tell you that you talk to much in team chat?
    Do you get home from work, decide to burn off a few multipliers, then the war starts, then teammates need assistance, then you get new egg missions, and now you need to gather some food to feed a dragon, then Oh, look! it's 3am!? If so, dude you need serious help. LOL

    Actually, you might just fit right in. We all strive to find the balance between real life and our addiction to the game.

    If you are mature, socially active in chat, regularly support your teammates with rss and provide backup during attacks and defenses, and are always looking to learn, Awesome!! So are we.
    Apply even if we are full.
    Why are we Built2Burn?

    The answer lies in the very nature of the game.
    We gather lumber so that we may build our defenses
    so that others may come and fail in their attempt to burn it down.
    We gather food to feed our dragons
    so that they may unleash their fires in righteous fury
    to burn down the buildings of our enemies.
    We breed our dragons
    so that we may discover new dragons
    with strange and wondrous new ways
    in which to burn our enemies.
    Flames conquer all
    both in the giving and in receiving.
    In the end
    everything must BURN!!!
    Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn

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    We have gained a lot since this last post doubled our numbers and still maintain activity twice that of our number of members - we are very active! Our range of levels is increasing (237) and we'd love to have more people in the upper double digits and up.

    We are highly organized and rapidly climbing through gold leagues currently. Come join us - you won't regret it!
    Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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      B2B. Because We Suck Less Than Your Team.

      Should hit Platinum any day. We just need a couple more people to round out our roster. Must be highly active, able to follow instructions. We are a highly organized team with simple but effective procedures to follow for wars, etc. But we cut loose and have fun too! Because it is just a game, albeit a game we want to progress in, we will never sacrifice the fun just to get ahead.


      "Nice job you guys are beasts. Lol" - leader of a team we just defeated in war

      "Sir, whoever wrote your team review, is a Mastercraftsman..." - random person in LC, after viewing our team info page. (Thanks!)

      "I agree with [the previous commenter]- Built2Burn has the one of the best team directives I've seen. Much respect" - random person's team leader, in LC an hour later (Thanks!! Join us and I'll show you my wiki )

      'Oh god, not them again' - with apologies to those couple of teams we've warred on twice in one week. oops.
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      Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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        Update - Plat III and climbing.

        We have a very solid group of players, active in chat, very giving of time and rss, and we expect the same of anyone who joins us!

        We don't want the high level players who want to park their account and get carried, thinking that being high level is enough to earn their keep. Put up or shut up. ;-)

        We'd love a few high levels to run with our high levels, the mid and low level players are already well versed in taking care of each other.

        Join us and enjoy the game again!

        Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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          Update / Bump: Holding steady in Plat III, looking for active, dedicated players to grow with us.

          War is not a daily occurrence, but contributions are mandatory when we do have them.

          Come experience our quirky sense of humor, and join in the fun!
          Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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            Nice write up Done well to grow a team organically from Gold to P3 !