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Dedicated player looking for a top 15 diamond team

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  • Dedicated player looking for a top 15 diamond team

    Hello, I'm a very dedicated player. Play daily several hours a day, looking for a steady top 15 diamond team , my team now is breaking up and I'm looking for a strong , steady team , established, my level is 138 and growing constantly, ,

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    138 is small for diamond. Even my 170ish seems small for diamond.


    • Brigitte25
      Brigitte25 commented
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      How much the game has changed. When I started playing a couple of years ago my friends were playing in diamond, one in the high 50s the other low 60s. That was when legendary greens were the max.

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    I think a more effective way of looking for this is applying to those teams and sending a message to the leader. I seriously doubt they are in desperate need for any players so they won't be looking here to recruit someone.


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      Let's say it this way.. if you don't know how to find and message the top 15 diamond teams, you are definitely not ready for diamond, lol.



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        giving you an A for trying, but 138.....nah, far from wanting to be top 15, I have seen lvls like these at the bottom team in diamond, but like wardragonslayne says, if you don't know how to find those teams in game, you are not ready for diamond what so ever. play a bit more and get to know the game first buddy


        • Baladir
          Baladir commented
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          Agreed. Getting into Diamond with a lv 138 would, just all but itself, be an accomplishment.

          You could be in a feeder team for awhile though Pacino . Just a guess. When looking thru high level Sapphire teams, find those who aspire to Diamond. Many never want to leave Sapphire.

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        Better spend some time on one of their sapphire feeder teams first...


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          I looked through the diamond teams and there are plenty of players in the mid 100s and lower, in the lower diamond teams. Maybe they are Alts.


          • Marvin Lamb
            Marvin Lamb commented
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            You are right, many of them are. But did you look in the top 15 teams. There are some, but not many below 150

          • LordKaiS
            LordKaiS commented
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            He said "top 15" teams 😂😂😂 like my post says, bottom teams maybe, but top 15, keep dreaming 😂😂😂