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Greetings Dragon Lords! Over the last few months we've done lots of work behind the scenes redesigning the forum and will be migrating over to our new forum software in the coming weeks. During this migration, the forums will be set to "read-only" and posting will be disabled. We expect the actual migration to take between 24-48 hours. Please watch for additional Announcements soon with more details!
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The Never Ending Hunt For Tributes

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  • The Never Ending Hunt For Tributes

    The Hunger Games can be quite hard on tributes as anyone knows from reading the books. So we have a few alts we want to replace.

    How to describe us .. well we're a GREAT team, like a family ... supportive and not always as active as we could be. We're absolutely not the team that sinks $$$$$$ in nor are we on the fast track to the top of diamond. Like all families however, when war comes along we are in it and it's on like donkey kong. We win some, we lose some, but we're always there.

    We're not stingy on sharing .. rss and help.

    We don't like drama llamas but we do enjoy the occasional alpacalips.

    We're truly multicultural with members from around the world and i'm quite multilingual having mastered English, Canadian, Kiwi and American ...

    If you're looking for a team that isn't going to kick you if you don't chat all day, and just want you to be active and show up for ALL wars, then send us a join request. If you have questions, this is my in game name as well.

    We've also been around since 2015 ....