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Windrunners (upper Platinum) Recruiting

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  • Windrunners (upper Platinum) Recruiting

    We are an active and friendly team, rated #2 in our division in the current fortification event and in team ratings. We're hanging out in Platinum for a while until we're strong enough to sit comfortably in Sapphire. We are selective with who we accept to the team. If you are interested in joining you must:

    * Speak fluent English
    * Be level 40 or above
    * Be an active player
    * Participate in every war and event

    Send me an in game message if you are interested.
    IGN: ImprobableGirl Team: Windrunners

  • #2
    Is your team plagued by a bunch of members who never do their war attacks? Are you tired of carrying the team in events, when half the other players don't bother saving their speedups and egg tokens? Grab your active friends and come join Windrunners! We don't tolerate that kind of nonsense. Everyone is expected to contribute to the team, and we actually do boot any players who don't do their part.
    IGN: ImprobableGirl Team: Windrunners