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  • Bronze?Silver?Gold?Platinum?Sapphire?Yea:)

    Hey everyone, A few of our community's members have been working hard to give you guys a break, You have a team in Bronze and just starting out? PERFECT!!! In Silver, testing the waters still feeling out game? PERFECT!! You could be in Gold, asking yourself.... like dang I wish i knew that before..Perfect!!! Sitting pretty in the middle of your league? Perfect!!! TO SAPPHIRE, wishing these flames would show up...WELL!!! I have come up with a solution. Tired of wasting your time and learning stuff you wish you knew before? Tired of wasting your time wishing you could use it idolizing the current event or xp runs? Wish you wouldn't have SUPER ATTACKED!!! when you didnt need to? Did you players, just invite people to join their run but didn't hit in the current war???? This is what I can offer you. All of these can be solved by joining the right team, and having the right information about the game. We have been working hard to provide players with as much detail and Q, A response as possible. Many have come to us thinking we will do all the work for you, depends on how you look at it. If you are interested in learning personally, or with a team no problem.

    This is what we offer specifically!!
    1) direct contact with our crew members
    2) option/s to create team banner( you pick a photo that you feel represents your team as a personal flag) after we evaluate what your requirements are for recruiting for you team we post it with the banner on our facebook page
    3) we will message players in game as well as answer questions the community has at the same time
    4) we will personally message players that meet your requirments and help you get your team filled
    5) this is not a service, we do not join your team, we are not making decisions for your team, we are guiding others towards you if they are interested
    6) we respect everyone, we choice to lead as an example and support anyone who needs help or wants help
    7) you have a question? Our facebook page, live chats, and groups can answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.
    8) we ask that if you are wanting us to work with you to please understand we are trying our best to accommodate everyone.
    9) If you would like to be apart of our crew everyones more then welcome a simple interview first to make sure we find a good task for you
    10) Our facebook page is updated every day with specific updates, reviews, team banners, wiki pages, and much much more
    11) we are not paid at all, how ever if you would like to donate we accept donations only in the form of in game chests NOT REQUIRED
    12) our goal is to help link the community directly, to help teams be successful and more competitive, to not take anymore of your time.

    We have successfully helped many players find homes, as well as teams find players. Want live chats? Have a question? WANT HELP RECRUITING??
    Summit your team and what its about, get ahold of us we will help

    message me at:
    i.g.n Screzzyloud team: Shamelessraid
    line app Screzzyloud
    facebook Same thing ^^^^^
    Post banners and check out teams at :

    as far as everything else well i cant help if u dont get a hold of me

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    Have recently added a lot to the page, and growing if you want to cut your game time and xp in half let me know also all the teams that he requested our asistance have been successful or are still being asisted.

    Today I have personally helped and changed 6 players roasters and all very happy come check out the page if your r interested

    Please note everyone matters

    and our live chat is bombing!!!💥💥💥💣💢💨

    Contact me anywhere at screzzyloud
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      R u online right now looking for a team? Let me help you find your best fit

      Messege me in game screzzyloud
      Line app screzzyloud