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    AnimalLords is a platinum team currently recruiting lvl 40+ players who are active and who are as addicted to the game as we are. We help with resources and exp runs and coordinate with each other during wars.
    Do come join us if you are looking for a vibrant group who share the same ❤️ for the game as us. We do prefer you to be 16+ cause mature jokes do appear from time to time.
    Please do apply even if the team is full thank you.
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    We are still looking for 2 - 3 active players level 40 and up. Do apply and join us.


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      Tired of silent chats and unorganized wars? Look no further. We are a platinum team recruiting active members to join our team. We have coordinated wars as well as exp and rss help. Come join us today! We have four more slots available. Do come and apply.