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FortWeyr interested in Active new members

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  • FortWeyr interested in Active new members

    Have you lost interest in your platinum or gold team that's dead? Are you a leader or officer of a team, and tired of endless recruiting and searching for Active members? Are you a highly Active member that feels like you are carrying your team nearly solo? Are you on a team, but don't feel comfortable with the other members?

    If any of these scenarios fit you, why keep doing the same thing? Ditch that lame, low active team, and apply at FortWeyr in Sapphire! We have a couple of rare spots open. Several of our founding members, including myself, are still on the team. We have a fun, family oriented group that love the game, and each other's company. If you are a level 65 or higher, and have an Active or higher status, send me an in game email at Jaxom1978.

    FortWeyr 🐲

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    Benden Weyr > Fort Weyr
    Nice to see a Dragonriders of Pern reference. 😉


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      Originally posted by Zeoni View Post
      Benden Weyr > Fort Weyr
      Nice to see a Dragonriders of Pern reference. 😉
      Thanks! Is your team Benden?


      • Zeoni
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        Haha. No. Just referencing the books.

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      Haha, I'd love it if they came out with a dragon named Mnementh 😁
      IGN: ImprobableGirl Team: Windrunners


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        Hey if you guys need help recruiting let me know


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          Originally posted by Highliter View Post
          Hey if you guys need help recruiting let me know
          Highliter, if you know where I can scoop some level 70+ members, please let me know! I'm definitely looking.

          I cant believe the number of people in gold and platinum that won't leave a low active team, when they are active. So many will ride a team to its demise in a lower league, than join a more Active team because its new to them.


          • Highliter
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            One of the main issues and strength in war dragons is the perception that YOU can do it too. A lot of players will ride teams to the death because of how PG has structured teams; No event rewards, no tokens, no RSS tradeing/swapping and etc,. So for players moving to a new team there is a feeling of insecurity since they are the "new guy" which means if a more attractive candidate appears you can simply replace them which hurts them.

            Those players know their team is dying but they wont move because they believe that magically they will get active enough and have luck recruiting.

            Some of the best tips I can give you for recruiting higher level players are:
            1. Making sure they have other members that can support them aka XP-training runs, food/lumber bouncing
            2. A goal to strive for such as leveling a base or dragon (very often in high Sapphire and Diamond the teams will devote all of their RSS into leveling someone's Doomclaw or Icicle or some strong dragon so that team has access to taking down higher level bases). Essentially you want to be able to give them a goal and a reason to stay with you.
            3. Some teams forget that players outside of officers can have a role to help. Six people shouldnt exclusively have full control over everything. The better structured and (in my opinion) the more successful teams will have their level 60-70s mentor the level 30-40s or they will partner up a strong level 84 with a level 100+ for food/wood gathering.
            4. They are die hard to their teams for a reason. Find out what it is and tell them how they can still do that function within your team. If you find a strong recruiter then help them do what they like and etc,.
            5. Dont be afraid to get rid of officers. This is a touchy subject however, bad officers means your team is going to hurt. If you can remove them and replace with either outside players or within your team DO IT.

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          Great post Highliter! I think we are 90% there as a team. You gave me some good ideas to get the other 90% done. Thanks!