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  • TheMessengerz are recruiting

    Hi all,

    we want to grow to the top platinum team of our league before heading into sapphire league. Right now we are stable in the Top 5 within events mostly even in the Top 3. We offer training runs for baby dragons as well as individual base build reorganisation. Of course, we also share recourses. I also offer to fix your dragon breeding lineage if this is necessary and you wish that so that you have the strongest dragons as early as possible. When you join us it is in my interest that you have fun with us and that you are successful within the game since your progress is also my progress. We have a LINE app chat and so far there is no drama reported in this team. Everybody should have fun and grow.

    If you want to join us you will have to participate in events and wars and you will get a lot of tips and tricks how to score high in events and improve your game play and experience. Right now we have 4 spots to fill. Apply even when full. My ingame name is ZodaTMz. If you want to talk on LINE with me regarding details add my ID: Zodathefrog.

    If you are a team leader, I could also imagine a merge when this is in the best interest of both teams.



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    Its a tight race for place 1 this time. If you want to contribute to our success and to be also personally successful please apply.


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      Bringing this back to live,

      I have to cut off some players which dont participate and i have to maintain an enviroment for already stronger players to stay with me, we are now roughly 25 players carrying a successful platinum team (minimum top 5 mostly top 3). I am searching in particular for players in the level range 30 to 90. (Edit, I changed the level range)

      If you are getting sick of carrying semiactive players not even finishing the common glyph in events and you want to join an team which actively tries to change this, you are welcome to join TheMessengerz.

      I am chaning the rules for new players as soon as the team is full the players which are right now already in the team will have to follow these rules as well:

      1. War runs have to be done within 18 hours after the start of the war! This is not negotiable! There will be no excuse after it is done, of course you can excuse yourself before the war.
      2. War runs have to be performed with a backup. Ask before your run.
      3. Event activity: you have to achive at least the common glyph in the event achivements.
      4. Willingness to take advise on base builds.
      5. Weekly medal count requirement of 150k medals

      Rule explaination
      1st rule: we dont want to worry if you will do your run or not, get done with it and its fine, if you dont find a opponent which you can easily defeat and there is no backup at the time write a message to the team and tell us when you will be online again. If you dont get backup after 18 h and writing to the team just get as many flames as possible
      2nd rule: Of course this is not valid when you attack 10 levels below your own level. This will be important once the tie breaker gets active
      3rd rule: as already mentioned we want to grow and everybody has to participate
      4th rule: strong bases mean less attacks in events which means we keep our fortresses, land, flags, whatever longer and easier.
      5th rule: This should be very easy for every level 40+ player when you do just all your multiplier runs in the week. The medal contribution is important so that we can declare wars on teams once we move to saphire.

      If you have any questions write me ingame: ZodaTMz or on LINE: Zodathefrog

      Good hunting

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        Just to bump this up the ranking of the fortificatio event, If you want to help us to get better please apply to TheMessengerz.

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          Though we reached a activity of 100/100 in this event id like to replace some members, we placed a pretty good 3rd place in the feeding event. We also collected a good amount of active chatty players with the last posts so that the chat is active about 18 h a day. I didnt know how much extra fun this gives. So if you think you need some extra fun and your team is to quiet, you are welcome to join us.


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            The Menzingers are a great band

            wait ....

            wrong thread



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              Hi, here I am again.

              we have currently 3 players to exchange, we are in the current building event in the top 500 worldwide and fight for the top 15 maybe even top 10 in our league. LINE is absolutly mendatory. In the last Team grauntlet event we made the first place in Platinum and we will also drop again to platinum for the next energy event. we search for supportive talkative players and we will do our best to also support you when you join us.




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                Hey People which search a new home,

                We seek atm for 4 people to replace alt accounts. We have atm a War pariticipation of 100% while we do 40 runs in the first 8 hours. We are a active and helping team. If you want to Join us will LINE be mendatory.