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Family/Kid friendly Team

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  • Family/Kid friendly Team

    I have recently liquidated a sapphire team, and it is now only inhabited by a few player alts that our kids play on periodically. The team will fall to Platinum at league swap tonight.

    If you have a spare account or two that you want to let your younger children play on occasionally, you are welcome to join my quiet little side team. There will be no war or event requirements, just a calm and G-rated place to let your kid play Mom or Dad's dragon game with you.

    Search DAMAGELNC if you are interested.

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    Good idea buddy!


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      What a great thing to do!!
      Love Red,

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        How do you disable league chat? All the nasty chat is coming from league chat.


        • Robert M.
          Robert M. commented
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          You don't, I just tell my kid to stay off of that tab. But they can chat in the team safely if we keep it under control.

          Yes Jared, I know there is a social media age limit in the TOS. I supervise my kid on the app.

        • Necrosism
          Necrosism commented
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          the only way to prevent the drivel from lc is to block players.

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        Great idea. My kids like to play on occasion and I'm generally okay with it but the LC aspect makes me nervous.

        For those that are considering this you could request to be blocked from LC via PG support. I know they have on occasion blocked people for LC so they could conceivably do it upon request.


        • #6
          One of my teammates let his daughter play and was surprised to see messages people sent to her and some were really not appropriate for her age so he ended up deleting the app on her ipad. It would be nice if there is a way to let your kids fly the dragons without worrying about all these sick people.


          • Brigitte25
            Brigitte25 commented
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            We also removed a young teen from the game and sent her to DragonVale. PG needs to decide if they want to be family friendly for 13+ or X rated. Enforce the CoC. Our team is completely family friendly but you have to keep theyoung ones out of LC and Forums and check their email.

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          Agreed,needs a setting to block social with other teams


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            Giving a child access to this game and thinking that telling them not to push the LC tab is good parenting is simply plain stupid. I would classify some of the content in the LC I have seen as NC-17.

            There are are plenty of games out there designed for children and even they are not always safe.


            • Baladir
              Baladir commented
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              Lol Robert. Then I clearly must not have been directing my comments to you it you do not exhibit the behavior I described. Who's the stupid one here?

              Teams will change and league chat changes with them every week. The Dev's are smart enough to realize this and have protected themselves with the EULA. Reminds me of a pediatrician I know who let his daughter ride her bicycle in the driveway without a helmet. What could happen right? Until she almost died from running into the garage door. Those of us who have had small children will appreciate the irony in that.

            • Skittles
              Skittles commented
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              It's not just the LC, it's the forums too btw that contain some comments inappropriate for 13 year olds, etc. I wouldn't let a 13 year old kid anywhere near this game, there's not enough reinforcement of the rules to make it appropriate.

            • Skittles
              Skittles commented
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              DragonVale is 100% child friendly, parents do not have to worry about any of the stuff you find on this game and the forums. The only thing to make sure is that the kid has no access to your money. Lol

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            This is a TOS violation...where is the outrage monkey man? This team should be disband and all the accounts nuked.


            • YellowMonkey
              YellowMonkey commented
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              I haven't seen any ages mentioned. If under the TOS age limit then yes it's a violation.

              I'm not going to start a fuss over something I don't have all the info of.

              However, I myself would rather pg ban chat from any that is reported using explicit language(whether it's sexual or cursing) in LC. And, in return allow children to play with their parents. I myself don't buy packs, but I would for my kids. However, my oldest is 11 and under the tos guidelines.

              Team chat is fine, teams can put notice of 18+ on their teams. LC however, is there for all to see.

          • #10
            I'll be perfectly honest and tell you that technically I violate the TOS, depending on how you view it. I own the account on my personal Apple ID, but allow my 9 year old to play under my direct supervision. She is not allowed to play dragons unless she and Dad are playing together. I don't care what anyone says I can and cannot do.


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              Sure hope it's not a violation! My 5 year old knows how to fly all 3 dragon types. She flies and I choose the spells. Always have to switch out my roster because she just has to fly the dodo's or chickens as she calls them! I'd question the parenting abilities of the active player who doesn't involve their kids before I would you, Robert.


              • #12
                If you have kids (over 13 is the PG rule) who want to play in an active team that is focused on family friendly chat etc then we are the team for you. My daughter plays in the team and we have under 18 players. We are a G rated team (with a few cuss words from time to time) but we do have a 'play every day' and in all wars rule. But there is no sex chat, no bullying, no nastiness.


                (and yes, I am aware this is different from the laid back casual team theory advertised above, just used it as an opportunity to recruit)


                • #13
                  Personally, i think the kid team a great idea. I also think a dirty-word filter, and maybe a dirty-name block might be a great idea. I am sick of the vulgar names I see, and it makes me wonder about the people who choose those names. for LC, i notoriously ignore it; the overuse of dirty words is bad enough, but the fact that 99% of the time some jerk is on there with the sole purpose of trying to put you down is just too much to make LC fun or useful.


                  • TheRedDelilah
                    TheRedDelilah commented
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                    There is a language filter automatically turned on for words and names. The general chat one for words can be turned off, the name one cannot be turned off. Alas, it's not hard to get around this by using duplicate letters and numbers, etc.

                  • Skittles
                    Skittles commented
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                    Children are smart enough and mischievous that they can figure out how to turn the filter off, unblock repugnant players from the block list and look at League Chat regardless of being scolded by their parents. For some children they get a thrill of being able to be sneaky enough without their parents or mentors noticing what they are up to, like taking cookies from a cookie jar when the mentor is looking the other way.

                • #14
                  No child under 13 should be allowed to play this game. I doubt parents are supervising their kids the whole time they play and the filth I have had sent to me just for a recruit post on LC was outrageous. I suggest your young children play a truly kid friendly game like DragonVale. This game is really complex anyway. I think the age 13 is too low for this game, but that is the rule. If you let a single digit age kid play it is for your benefit not theirs.


                  • #15
                    My daughter also plays this game and like Robert I only allow her to play when I play in the same alt team.

                    Kids are going to get exposed to shite all the time with or without WD. At least with WD and me there at the same time we can talk about any issues in real time.