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What level bases do PG Employees have?

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  • What level bases do PG Employees have?

    We need to get an idea of where your game knowledge is at. I assume you all have access to god modes so you can experiment with ideas.
    But what level is the base that you actually play the game at.

    We can see that Pixxel is level 112 with Skarr, Aster & Tengu in top three.
    CampusLifer appears to be low level.

    So just out of curiosity PGJared does PG have and deliberately maintain players in low, middle and higher levels so you can see what the rest of us are experiencing first hand?

    Quite often the discussions give the impression that PG has very little idea what the player base on the whole is experiencing.

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    I'm around level 150. Currently the main dragon I use is Khrysos. I play daily, but I don't always play that much. I never miss war attacks. For most events I get to like 8-12 levels of progression prizes depending on the event. I personally focus more on worldmap & wars than events.

    I’ve spent a decent amount of money on IAPs.

    im not a ”min maxer” that calculates the most efficient way to do things. I don’t use breeding guides or calculate the most efficient way to get things. I just breed the next dragon in the list and do whatever feels fun. I probably would be level 200something if I played smarter because I’ve been an active player and spender since before the game officially launched back since 2013
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    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      I wonder how many bases Khrysos can kill that appear in the matchmaking list when you're lvl150
      I also very much suggest following a breeding path.

    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      I used the same approach to breeding, no guide at all. It's not essential to the game and I agree getting all dragons is the fun way to go about it.

    • War fan
      War fan commented
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      I used a guide for most of my breedings, and have ALL dragons through platinum tier, and 4 dragons in sapphire.

      Next step will be my first garnet (got half of it already).

      I'm also lvl 146.

      I also only spent $200 in-game.

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    So, to be 100% transparent I don't know the exact levels of everyone's accounts. We have a list of employee IDs so we know who not to ban, but I don't exactly spy on everyone. I can tell you that some of us are low level, some of us are in the 100s, and a few of us are in the 200s. I don't *think* anyone is in the 300s legit, but I'm not 100% sure. Generally speaking if we've used our admin tools to level up an account or gives ourselves all dragons or something we do that on a test server.

    Everyone on the PX team though gets a stipend of in-game currency (usually value packs) so that they can progress through the game and get a general understanding of stuff.


    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      Thanks, I had assumed the god modes were on a test server, good to hear that's the case, and yes perks for being on the PG team getting value packs also make sense.

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    Oh, you probably also want to know what my personal level is. It was in the 90s, but I messed up my account testing some stuff (the dangers of doing late-night troubleshooting with my own account as a guinea pig.). I'll need to rebuild the account and then I'll get rolling on progression again.


    • Itsmexoxo(Darina)
      Itsmexoxo(Darina) commented
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      Can you confirm that there was some employees playing in Hobbiton team?
      I'm just curious because earlier there was 3 50-60 lvls with all garnets who have been banned
      And after this team which was absolutely inactive (4/100 activity) , low league and not full,get access to beta.
      So it was random or there are someone from PG in this team?
      Thank you☺️

    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      Darina, I cannot confirm the names of any PG account nor the team they belong to.

    • EmrahT
      EmrahT commented
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      You are invited to visit the base and buildings forum for a better base structure if you dont know what can be good for!
      Long bases arent good, its a invitement for xp hunters. And at least the mix of many towers ,which didnt look much at first state, can help a lot.
      But i guess you read before aswell there !

      Btw... for flying improvements you can ask your friends too... but destroy firstly the tower which does the highest damage, or where you have no resist!

      At least i would like if most are as open as Pixxel ingame, would be great . Maybe not for all but for some

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    I’m more interested in the amount of medals tho. That’s a sign of how much flying/playing you actually do. If you don’t fly much, you won’t experience the same glitches and frustration we are facing every single day.


    • laserlight
      laserlight commented
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      Medals are overrated, people farm them with rotating xp hits...

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    No wonder they dont understand the frustration when they are still minions


    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      It has been indicated that some are in the 200's, hopefully we hear from more and can get a better picture of where they're all at soon.

    • itsjustjoe
      itsjustjoe commented
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      But even being in the 200's can't be all that bad if they're getting FREE in game currency... Now if they had to spend solely their own money and/or slog through like the rest of us, they would have a more clear picture of why so many people are complaining about the sapphire wall.

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    I'm sometimes little confused when I have answers on my tickets from support...
    For example someone told me that he knows as player that 4 healing potions is normal epic drop 👀😳


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      I'm more interested in the number of PX employees (and employees that determine dragon costs) that have gotten to the sapphire wall.
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      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        Slowly Red, I'm actually surprised I got any answers at all, since most of the time when they do respond they get hounded!

        I think it's helpful to see where they're at (and their playing style) as this gives us an idea of where they're coming from.

        So far we can tell that the two who have responded are not hardcore, so hopefully we see something from those who are in the 200 and up range as a comparison.

        Mechengg I kinda disagree, yes which level/tier someone is in is relevant, but playing style is also important, there's lots of different ways to play this game and we don't all go for the I'm level 140 and breeding Garnets already approach. So seeing where the employees are at gives us an understanding of where they're coming from within the game.

      • OldtimerX
        OldtimerX commented
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        TheRedDelilah - as I see it, none of the PG people active in this forum.
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      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Perhaps i didn't word it properly. I'm not going to judge them by what type of player they are (whether they are level 120 or 220 or 250), what matters more to me is how far they have progressed and what struggles they have come across in their own gameplay thus far. If they have hit the sapphire wall (regardless of level) then maybe some of them know the struggle of hourly grinding for egg tokens, however if they haven't reached that and are still breeding multiple dragons per event then perhaps they can't quite relate to "hitting the sapphire wall" yet.

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      So from what I understand, none of the PG representatives here are battling with upgrading towers costs of over 45 days each. Or using over 200 000 tokens to get a mythic dragon. So they really have no idea about what it is to be a high level player. Now I understand the awkward answers I read from them. When someone is 150 level and his best dragon is Khrysos.... that tells a lot about it.

      P.S. I don't wanna suggest anything bad by the above. Only that now I understand much better the answers they post given their ingame experience. We are worlds apart.
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      • SuavGlav
        SuavGlav commented
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        It's becoming more clear that one of the most beneficial moves PG can make is to add someone who's reached Sapphire tier and level 40+ towers to the PX team. There's a fundamental disconnect here in the day-to-day gameplay and putting that person in place would give us a point of connection.

        The player base is not properly represented within the PX team, Jared. I hope you can address this sooner rather than later.

      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        I volunteer 😎😅

      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        So, we don't want to move someone from our team with a higher base level to PX. Most of the folks with our higher base levels are either engineers or devs, and they're better used doing their actual jobs. Some members of the PX team have significantly higher level bases than I do because they've been here longer and have a bit more time throughout the day to play. I could massively increase the stipend that PX agent use, but that also wouldn't give a clear view of how the majority of players play.

        As for bringing someone with a high level base onto the PX team from external candidates; everyone is welcome to apply. You have to be willing to move relatively close to San Francisco and you have to meet other qualifications, but we don't turn folks away just because they play our game.

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      Hey Echo

      How about your state ?
      I saw your flying skills during Necryx video, so i would like to know how far you are. At least you are longer then some others inside this i guess !

      Please show us your describtion ! ... Btw... I am level 201 , and have 3 garnets atm(of normal road)... thats about me, but you see my profile ingame for sure if you like


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        Well no wonder theres a disconnect, it seems employees play EXTREMELY casually. Hell, I have a one year old inactive/low active f2p alt with better drags than CL and higher lvl than Jared, and i even mostly avoid building on it. If theyre not grinding, trying to make their account as valuable to their team as possible, then they will have trouble relating to those of us who do (which is basically everyone who uses forums).


        • SilentOne
          SilentOne commented
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          Yep, and it doesn't look like we'll be hearing from those who do have the bigger bases before this forum is read-only, but at least we have a slightly clearer picture of where those who do respond are coming from.