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Sync Error - Player reported

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  • Sync Error - Player reported

    I'm a little confused. The mods here say this forum is not indicative of the War Dragons population/player base. Perhaps it would be wise to take these forums more seriously in the future (speaking to the mods). I didn't have the sync error, and glad it got addressed, but dear PG moderators: maybe, just maybe, some of the people here have a thing or two to say that is relevant to the players.

    Signed gratefully,

    A player that is very thankful for the players posting on this forum

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    I’m not sure what this means — I don’t think we’ve ever asserted that we don’t think bugs reported on this forum are important or taken seriously.


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      So .. how about you look at why the game crashes out (into the ipad screen) .. why there is this 'web error' thta forces a restart, why we constantly get "unable to join battle" errors and why we constantly get synch errors as it's ****ing annoying! This 'update' and 'fix' have introduced more annoyances than every before .. and i'd love to know why i've used a couple of Gb of data on my phone since the update / fix.


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        Oh and what irritates me more is that when I borrow my daughters ipad to play her game when she isnt here when I go to send resources her rss are in a different order

        1. Wood, 2. Coin, 3. Food

        On mine it's

        1. Coin, 2. Wood, 3. Food


        Additionally and this screwed me over

        You changed the path for the dragons ... so instead of the middle dragon being the bottom path to stones, it's the top path .. so I didn't notice and wasted all my sigils on the bottom path ..

        Seriously, attention to detail IS important .