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    CampusLifer thank you for taking time to respond to the forums. I rarely agree with what you say but as far as I’ve seen on these forums you are one of the few pg employees who will at least attempt to address the issues. I again completely disagree with your post but I wanted to thank you for your efforts


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      CampusLifer I can honestly say that I have spent a decent amount over the last year on this game. When I spent it I did feel I was getting what you called a reasonable value. However, the current content requires too much money to even think of getting more than one dragon complete with all stones. And the lack of respectable fix times for issues that actually PREVENT people from even participating on events makes this game approaching pathetic. Until I see that PG truly puts out some effort you wont be getting anymore from me and many others. In a game I don’t expect a Ferrari for a little bit of currency, however when I do spend money on gold chests I do expect to at least get relevant materials towards the event. The current mindset is attempting to actually destroy the game and end it rather than maintaining it as a truly profitable game. I will continue to do periodic playing until you make it 100% pay to play or close the game but your company mindset and your responses here have killed the fun of the game.


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        Here is the reliability of your game and forums. I hit post once and the forums posted it twice....

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      I may start counting these threads, see how many are posted before everyone realizes they do not make a difference


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        For the record, I spend a reasonable amount, not a ton, maybe 150-200 a month at the absolute most.
        I am in garnet tier for breeding, I didn't slam through sapphire, and I am not slamming through garnet, but they are moving at a quick enough pace where I don't feel totally screwed.
        Food for thought.
        The only dragons I find a little ridiculous as far as cost go are the mythics, when you get to 200k tokens to get a dragon, it's a little bit much.


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          While I can see the point of people in Sapphire tier being rightly pissed they have to spend a ludicrous amount of tokens for a dragon which is completely outdated (so to continue with the car analogy, a 1995 Ford Fiesta costs the same now as it did in 1995 despite the fact it is rusty and won't run journeys over 5 miles), egg tokens aren't the only issue*with pricing and scaling.

          For those in Sapphire tier, egg tokens are the main issue. However, PG have made some strides in addressing this by increasing daily payouts and the double token prize in milestones. Nothing has been done to address the timer issue except paying vague 'we will talk about it' lip service. For those in Obsidian tier (not actually that expensive if you started playing more than 18 months ago and have therefore been able to keep up with moderate+ spending), the scaling problem is in towers. Players on Sapphire tier with towers starting to get into the level 35 range will be squeezed from both sides and will just give up.