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Pog the purple dragon

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  • Pog the purple dragon

    For the love of dragon Gods can someone please tell me how they got Pog? No one will tell me. My friend has been playing for a few weeks and has him. I've been playing for 10 months and still no purple dragon... Sigh... CampusLifer Echo PGJared EggToken

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    I have it and I'm not even sure how I got it. Good luck in trying to unlock it! (I don't have it yet on my alt account, though that one is far newer)


    • dreamyillusion
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      🤕 Maybe one day lol

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    The clue is,

    Punish, Oblitirate, Giggle

    im not positive what the solution is but perhaps

    Punish is a revenge attack, Obliterate means to destroy everything including boats/huts/monuments and Towers on that base or another and as for the Giggle your guess is as good as mine but perhaps it's saying "lol" in league chat.

    let me know if this works. I already have Pog but it's always bugged me how I got it.


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      I thought I read somewhere he wasn't obtainable anymore


      • SilentOne
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        Agreed, I thought it was a limited time thing.

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      Pog the avatar is no longer available as the agreement or rights to use the image expired, CL stated a few months back.

      Tried to find the thread but can't. Sorry.
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      • Mer1in
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        Wow, that's news to me,

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      It was just random, a ploy to get people to play more trying to figure out what to do. Many theories have been presented and all have been proven wrong. I tried many myself, none worked then a few weeks later I got him out of the blue for no reason. Literally had done nothing even slightly out of the ordinary, hell I dont even do revenge attacks...🤷🏻*♂️


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        Whatever it actually was, the IP license/agreement expired. EggToken posted a while back. No one's revealed how you actually got it, though.
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          No one figured out exactly how to obtain it. I got it fairly early and was making sure to hit every boat and hut outside of towers, but other people said they did the same thing and never got it. So who knows.


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            I got it. At that time seems that you would achieve it by hitting the mine of rubies just at the beginning of the first isle. I'm pretty sure was been revealed in the end. "Every day's a dragon day" and "Punish, Obliterate and Giggle" were the clues paired with the Tv commercial. Golden age of WD...sweet memories...
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