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The new gauntlet point requirements for PvP islands are ruining the event

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  • The new gauntlet point requirements for PvP islands are ruining the event

    The new point requirements to destroy a PvP island are, in my opinion, killing this event. Under the old system, you had PvP islands every 4 or 5 hours that required much fewer points to kill. So, players worked on the black blood islands and then focused their attacks on the PvP islands when they showed up. Now in Platinum IV the islands require approximately 34k to destroy. That takes an immense amount of energy. On top of that, islands are showing up every 2 hours. If the average points you earn on an attack are 150 (and who knows what the average points you get per attack are, because they are not displayed) it takes approximately 225 attacks to kill an island not using super attacks or mega coins. With islands showing up every 2 hours. In an 8;hour period (and that is only a half of a day of a 5 day event) that amounts to 1800 attacks each requiring 4 energy, when you factor in the escalating costs for refilling your energy (1 pack for 3 refills then 2 packs for three refills, etc) our team can’t kill the PvP islands and take over the black bloods islands. At the rate we are using energy, we can’t even destroy the PvP islands unless we spend a lot of money on buying energy. Some might say, then use super attacks and mega coins to reduce the amount of attacks. However, that approach takes even more energy because, as it’s been proven by others, those attacks actually give less overall points than if you only use normal 4 energy attacks. I think you took a fun event, and turned it into an impossible task. Also, my opinion is that this whole dilemma was caused by the introduction of the mega coins. With the mega coins, under the old points system, PvP islands could be killed almost instantly, so to counter that, the points required to destroy a PvP island were raised significantly, and that started the domino effect that brings us to where we are today. My suggestion is to lower the point requirements to destroy a PvP island and reduce the time between PvP islands showing up, Bring back the fun of this event.

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    We in diamond have to kill 140k per pvp. How about that?

    Defended 400s make it enjoyable too.

    And we don’t get more points like you guys in platinum so relax it could be way worse.


    • Stronghold8262
      Stronghold8262 commented
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      I guess my question is why do we have to settle fit “it could be worse.” The event was enjoyable and competitive before the changes and now it is not enjoyable at all. Generally at our league level players don’t defend because of the cost of resources and the large number of attacks that take place. That obviously is not the case in the diamond leagues.

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    PG has created these awesome mega coins to help us all. We are just not smart enough to understand the game mechanics.


    • Stronghold8262
      Stronghold8262 commented
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      I didn’t realize he was using sarcasm, after reading it again, I see your point.

    • Sandberg74
      Sandberg74 commented
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      Was just joking PG managed to make this event as boring as the other events. Before PVPs were fun. We gathered all team to hit and often 1 attack were the winning factor. Now they are a boring.

    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      Beyond boring - futile to put in effort >_>

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    Some very important points about this event I'd like to discuss:

    1) The further you get along in the PvE island chains, the higher the island difficult multiplier will be for PvP islands, making it easier to defeat and you will get more personal points and wall hp killed per attack. Many people don't know this so I'm really trying to help spread the word.

    2) It still isn't worth even attempting PvP (in my league) until the last 12 hours of event unless you guys are very very coordinated and have a ton of energy to blow. It's better to just hit PvE over and over again in this case. So don't even waste your time and effort on PvP until you are at least at vampire island or further is my rule of thumb but this event makes it different for each league.

    3) This event is still broken so when you "steal" VP from another team their score in the leaderboards doesn't actually go down. There are two different scores per team, one on the battle screen which shows the correct VP (based on VP won and lost) and the team score based on the team ranking board which only includes VP won but doesn't subtract the VP stolen from your team. VP stolen for winning a PvP island is based on the REAL (won - lost) number and not on the amount shown on the team ranking board.


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      Way to over-complicate and under-inform, PG.

      Stellar communication as always.


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        Don’t expect any helpful answer.

        Maybe CL will pop up and tell you that he’s not working on events but needs another forum post point.


        • PGJared
          PGJared commented
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          CL has stated their role a number of times on the forum, as have I. I'd suggest looking at their post history.

        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          PGJared I'd suggest that you do a better job in addressing customer concerns. All you seem to do is nit-pick the trivial instead of answering real questions and fixing real problems

        • VirNinja
          VirNinja commented
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          PGJared thx for the tip... I don’t know why I expected you to actually be helpful 🙄🙄🙄... but a real thank you to Warlord for doing pgs job and creating a post where we can figure out which pg employee is in which department

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        Without a major guild online presence, it's difficult to take down the PVP within 3hrs.

        The change to avoid abuse of mega coins has effectively made them mandatory. This isn't going to fly.

        Remove mega coins from this event and set the island back to normal. Some are willing to spend on events, but the requirement here is beyond absurd.
        Last edited by Talarius; 09-29-2017, 04:19 PM.


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          I loved this event, but I hate it know. I have written several times to PG that this entire mega coin concept is broken by design. I understand they need to make money, but I spend less now. Spend a bit to get reasonable progress, I am fine with that. Spending a fortune so to get ahead, forget it. It is no longer worth the effort nor the money.I know they won’t read this thread, like they keep on stating that megacoins are still new. Bottom line, however this event has become dreadful, like the ones before that had megacoins.


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            This used to be a fun event. I used to drop 20/50 maybe even 100 bucks on events now zero. I chat with lots of players just like me. PG will look at the weekly revenue trending and fix or sell the game soon.


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              The sad thing is this is probably working for them and will continue, its a more efficient pay to win systm. Fool < money< pg


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                I don’t think it is an effective business model. I am in various aliances of high level players and nobody is using megacoins. They are simply too, expensive. They do,complain, maybe not on the field forums, and think this event is gone to waste. What happens now is that players, who did spend, stopped with it. Maybe there are a few lunatics who continue spending hundreds more or thousands bucks on an event, but that will always be a minority. No thanks a sustainable business model. By the way, the pattern is clear. They don’t want to admit that megacoins is a nightmare and are now trying to brute force force the player community into it. It will take a few more events for them to understand that they took a wrong turn and for finding an elegant way to back out if it.


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                  PG added megacoins that can break the game. To compensate, they over inflate the pvp island so effectively that they can only be defeated using megacoins. Does anyone at PG actually care about the game more than their desktop tchotkes they proudly display? Or is it just squeeze the idiot players for every cent as quickly as you can before they leave? This aggressive monetization has got to soften up.


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                    Yeah pg strikes again, if something is fun kill it.
                    this is what I imagine a pg meeting goes lime in my head.
                    1 how can we cash in?
                    2 how can we make more cash
                    3 how can we baffle them with science and make it look like a great deal to buy the extras.


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                      I have yet to see #3