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Thanks for toning down the UI

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  • Thanks for toning down the UI

    Thanks PG

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    I would like to thank pg on this one too


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      Yeah it’s really awesome they haven’t even touched the chat function. I mean it’s only the most important things for in-game communication so why would they?


      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        The 3.61 UI changes were done in a pretty rushed manner to tackle the vast majority of the complaints. We received over 5,000 tickets on the issue and most weren't about chat. The 3.61 update also isn't the be-all and end-all final version, so if there are other changes you'd like to see implemented we'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see done to chat.

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      Here is to hoping they aren’t done tweaking it......


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        It's better than it was...however I agree further tweaking required. Like green instead of chicken poop yellow?


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          Original UI 8/10

          Revised UI 3/10

          Revised Version2 5/10​​​​​​


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            Can we please, please, PLEASE move the "swap" button, though? There must be a better place for it than there. Maybe all the way up to the top corner? Right now it is right where you need to shoot to hit monuments for chests. Or is this just a subtle ploy to further reduce free chest drops?


            • SilentOne
              SilentOne commented
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              An additional issue with the Swap button is that it activates when you tap outside the image. The hotspot is square while the image is diamond.
              I've turned mine off! I can easily avoid it where it is, but not while there is an extra active area around it.

              Hopefully PG puts a hotfix out for their inaccurate hotspot very soon.

            • Mer1in
              Mer1in commented
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              I personally wouldn like to see the option where you enter "settings" select "position swap button" and the the attack screen appears you slide the button to anywhere on the screen you like and then clice a "Lock" button. Now it appears during an attack where you placed it.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              PogTheWarrior this is from another thread:

              Originally posted by CampusLifer View Post
              I think the only suggestion which will finally make everyone happy is a feature to personalize the configuration of your HUD-UI. But that's a big undertaking and this is a relatively infrequent complaint --- I don't think it's right to prioritize it above all the other requests we're hearing right now.

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            The revision of the New UI is definitely easier to look at, but still needs further refinement. Those circles around the items are way too big, just look at the space between the egg token and the outer circle. No way it needs to be that big.


            • PogTheWarrior
              PogTheWarrior commented
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              Yes. They got rid of the "double circles", but deleted the small one and kept the big one. It's not as obnoxious, but it now just looks goofy.

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            Vast improvement, still improvement to be made but this update was very much appreciated. Thanks PG


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              PGJared it would be nice if attack/battle chat view fieldcould be extended so the attacker could see more text. As it stands, it’s annoying when you forget the attacker can only see about 5 words at a time (depending on word length).