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War Dragons on Mac (OS)

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  • War Dragons on Mac (OS)

    Hi Dragon Lords,

    I started playing this game on my phone around a year ago. A few month ago I wanted to download it to my laptop too. The problem was only, that the game is available only for Android and IOS, and I have OS operation system. I tried to get an emulator to convert the game, but it always crashed. I have written an e-mail to the support team and they wrote this helpfully to me: "I can't make any promises that we'll be able to adhere to your feedback, but it'll definitely be taken into consideration! In the meantime, you could also drop a line in the forum to see what other players think of the idea."

    Please if you have the same problem, drop here a comment!

    Greetings form Harang99


    Hi Dragon Lords,

    Ich habe angefangen, mit diesem Spiel auf meinem Handy vor etwa einem Jahr zu spielen. Vor ein paar Monaten wollte ich es auch auf meinen Laptop herunterladen. Das Problem war nur, dass das Spiel nur für Android und IOS verfügbar ist, und ich habe OS Betriebssystem. Ich habe versucht, einen Emulator zu bekommen, um das Spiel zu konvertieren, aber es ist immer abgestürzt. Ich habe eine E-Mail an das Support-Team geschrieben und sie haben mir hilfsweise geschrieben: "Ich kann keine Versprechungen machen, dass wir uns an Ihr Feedback halten können, aber es wird definitiv in Betracht gezogen. Mittlerweile könntest du auch eine Zeile im Forum fallen lassen, um zu sehen, was andere Spieler an die Idee denken. "

    Bitte, wenn du das gleiche Problem hast, schrieb hier einen Kommentar!

    Liebe Grüße

    Good idea, I have the same problem. /Gute Idee, Ich habe das gleiche Problem.
    It's unnecessary. /Es ist unnötig.
    I don't need it, but seems like a good idea.
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    Yeah, I’ve thought about this a few times too. iOS and OS X aren’t thaaaat different so it wouldn’t be the most difficult project ever to port. I don’t think it would be very widely-used or successful and would add an ongoing cost to development.

    that I say “not thaaaat different” I don’t mean free or one time. Every new feature/release would need a round of desktop testing & fixing.
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      I'd play it on my mac if I could. much bigger screen. My eyes aren't getting any younger ;-)
      Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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        While I recognize there may be a market for porting this to desktop (albeit small), please, oh please, I beg you, focus your time and resources on FIXING the broken and infuriating things first.


        • Hieronymus
          Hieronymus commented
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          Yes, absolutely. I'd prioritize a computer version somewhere in the neighborhood of letting other players see the custom names we give our dragons, and being able to customize which chats we can see in the two-line chat window on the main screen. Both of which I'd love to have, but admittedly are way below other bug fixes in priority.

        • Harang99
          Harang99 commented
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          Yes, the bug fixes are important. The newest update is out. Most of my teammates have problems (in the event) now too, but fortunately I haven't got any.
          With the problems the game is not exciting :/

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        Benefits of playing on my laptop:
        CPU power
        graphics power
        mote memory!
        copy/paste while running browser AND game

        i think the user base would be lower than iOS, but for guild leaders and hard core players, I think it would kick ass. The one problem though... no touch screen.


        • Harang99
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          Touchpad? It's similar to the screen of the phones.

        • Harang99
          Harang99 commented
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          Oh, not on iMac. Sorry :O

        • Talarius
          Talarius commented
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          That's what I meant by no touch screen. The game is fundamentally designed to use a multi touch capable screen.

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        Realistically this might work for warriors but it’s a STUPID idea for hunters.

        - no multi touch
        - shot rate would kill your finger
        - you’d annoy the fuck out of everyone next to you

        I mean I would find it funny when the people die sooner on tough bases but this really makes no sense for anything which isn’t a warrior. Even swipe attacks would be stupid.

        If you want the best graphics in this game and the highest performance buy an iPhone 8 (plus) and 🤗 or 🙁 new iPad (pro) (no the iPhone X has the same cpu like the 8 so not worth waiting for it).


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          Honestly, the main reason I've been interested in making this happen is because it would speedup our development cycle. Currently every time we even make a one line change, we need to deploy over USB to a device --- which takes a few minutes to install & run. Normally during that time you inevitably start getting distracted/zoned-out. It really breaks getting into the "flow". I personally can code much faster on our servercodebase than our clientcode as a result. It would be much faster if we could just compile our code and immediately see it running on our desktop machine.


          • ITIL
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            open it up to emulators? >.>

          • SuavGlav
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          I would love to play it on a PC .. I have an issue with my eyes that makes it hard to see on the iPad and I much prefer the larger screen on the PC .. I have been unable to find a decent emulator too .. this is not the responsibility of PG, but if they were to develop a Windows version or one that runs in an emulator that would be really cool.


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            Can we please fix the bugs in iOS and especially android before even spending one minute "thinking" about any new ideas? The game is becoming more unstable for both platforms every update. This needs to be handled before someone even spends 1 minute on that type of project. I would love this option too as I have installed it on a few android emulators and android OS distros but it crashed too often to be usable. The two current code bases though seem to be a problem to maintain as is....I can imagine what would happen if you attempted a third given the current game state.


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              As you can’t even get the most simple stuff to work on one platform, I wouldn’t recommend going to more platforms.