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Good old days

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  • Good old days

    Who remembers when a new spell was introduced to the game it would be included in the forge hut and you would have a chance to earn it in gold chests?
    It was also great to receive the best resists in gold chests, like lighting resists.
    PG. please, please update the forge hut and add the new spells to the gold chests.I would much rather get them then legendary fire and ice shards.
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    Personally I didnt like resists in gold chests.

    x70 to x90 posion resists, storm tower resists, treb resists, battle cry, evasion etc - ewwww

    My view is that dragons are vastly superior to bases right now and that we dont even need to really buff them.

    But we all like different stuff in chests so maybe a way would be through the salvage shop or something like that.

    I agree with your other point would be nice to see some new forgeable boosts / buffs!


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      I want to see new resists in gold chests. Ex: dark flak, ice turret, fire turret


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        RunningTiger gaza8143

        Here's at least some of the reason you don't see this anymore:
        • Currently every single spell can interact with every other single spell. I know logically in your head they all feel separate, but they all touch the same state machine and codebase.
        • We used to have an INSANE number of bugs around spells. Every single time we released new spells, they had bugs. We'd try to fix the bugs and it would create new bugs.
        • Part of the reason was because the spell codebase is was ugly and hard to work with -- even when you're careful. The people who work on spells know the codebase very well --- I've been working on war dragons since 2012 and I'd estimate they know the spell codebase 10-50x better than I do.
        • Here's the other major reason: combinatorics. Every single time you add a new spell, you had to think about how it would interact with every single spell previously added to the game. This isn't so bad when you have ~12 spells. By the time you reach 80 spells, it's really hard to think about & test all the different combinations of how they could be used during battle. It means that the time required and likelihood for bugs every single time you add a new spell gets more difficult every single time you add a new one. If you have N spells and 4 dragon spell slots, that means "n choose 4" combinations to think about, code against, and test. Let's say there's 200 spells in the game; that means 400 choose 4 = 64,684,950 different combinations of how they can be combined which a programmer needs to consider, code against and test against. I never took a formal combinatorics course so my numbers might be a little off -- but I think you get the point of how quickly these combinations add up exponentially. It's unrealistic to have a maintainable system with that kind of combinations going on.
        • Other games don't really have this problem in the same way. They usually have "kits" where they say "this champion has these 4 spells and we just need to test that those 4x spells work properly together". e.g., Garen from League of Legends has Perseverance, Decisive Strike, Courage, and Judgment spells. Maybe you need test how his spells interact with all the spells of other enemies, but you don't need to worry about him also having one of the other 1000 spells in the game and think about how your code would behave if he used Vault Breaker spell and Judgement at the same time (one of them makes you charge forward without being able to change direction while the other one has you start spinning your sword around like a windmill while you change direct to use it --- how do you combine that in a sane way? this is just one random example off the top of my head out of all the different spells combinations).
        • So basically through the "spell consumables" -- war dragons signed up for a system which is insanely more difficult to build & maintain than basically every other game out there. Because of the spell consumable, you can't have a "kit" for a dragon which you build against and test again. It means every single one of the other spells in the game can be thrown in there and you need think about how an explosive shield can combine with rewinding time and having your dragon fly backwards and every single other crazy combination that can happen. I'm sure this is one of the main source reasons spells used to "always be broken".
        • More recently, we have much fewer problems with spells being broken. We still have problems and we need to keep tightening it up, but it's a magnitude less problematic than it used to be a year ago. I'm sure "kits" is one of the reasons it has become better.
        • TL;DR -- Spell consumables feel nice but they create an insane amount of problems for the maintainability of the game. If we keep having spell consumables, realistically we will never stop having super buggy spells in the game. I think the right trade off is to stop having new spell consumables.
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        • FangTheWise
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          thats crazy, and i'm extremely glad i read it, and can we get time shift in the forge ? that explains why crumble isn't 100% right now, but um it's still a pretty good game, leading edge kinda based on what you just said, so yes it is all that but you're all pulling it off *go figure emoji*

        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          There are NO new spells in the game, just regurgitated ones with shiny new names.

          Galvanic overload is a nerfed version of death gaze.
          Umbral spike is death gaze.
          Earthquake is graphically, but spellwise, same as freeze.
          Dessicating sand is graphically, but spellwise, same as freeze (range of effect is 1 tower only).

          And I could go on.

          As to boosts, well, I'll say your flat out wrong. Otherwise, why would PG make sure that runes match the names of spells exactly? There is no functional difference between an add-on boost and a rune of the same name, other than the boost disappears after flight.

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        That was the longest excuse i have seen so far 🤔


        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          And a mostly bogus one.

          The actions of PG pretty negate most of the points.