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    laserlight thanks for the feedback.


    • laserlight
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      I probably should have worded it a bit differently, sounds more aggressive than I intended it to be. But, thanks for the follow-up.

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    I didn’t think I would ever see the day when I agreed with Panda but yes pigs are indeed flying and hell has officially frozen over because that day hasn’t indeed come. Look we all love this game we put our hard won time and money into it but it’s broken. Events that don’t work and no compensation occurs when it happens. Constant frustration dealing with help tickets that are responded to with we are looking into it when it appears that’s not really happening. I will use my own experiences as examples here. When I first started spending on the game I could max an event with on large pack purchase now the last build event I spent 400$ and for that I got three towers from level 50 to 55. Timers or clocks have not increased in rewards or drops since I started playing well over 2 years ago if anything they have decreased meanwhile the time it takes to build anything has increased dramatically. The items in gold chests have been diluted with useless items like fire and ice shards which right now I have 499 thousand ice shards and almost 450 fire shards I could build an entire base of fire and ice towers and still have way too many but oh yeah no timers ....why not only have fire and ice shards in build events? There can’t be anyone but the newest players who aren’t overwhelmed with way too many of them. The mega coin ugh do any of you actually play and put your hard earned cash into this game? It seem a bit unfair to ask people to spend a car or mortgage payment on make believe dragons but we do. If you made the game less restrictive and more rewarding for more players you would make more money not less. Every day I see more and more big players big spenders say enough is enough and just give it up. Trying to recruit for diamond teams is almost impossible people don’t want the pressure to spend crazy amounts of time and money that is required to keep up. Listen to the players and fix this stuff before it’s too late. Please I love my team I love this game but it’s dying bit by bit every day I think it’s fixable with very basic improvement to the reward system to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. Spenders and non spenders. People who don’t want to or cannot spend should still be able to gain rewards by hard work and good chest drops. Please please fix the basic issues and make everyone happy again before it’s too late. And this is my first post to forums so I am not one who complains about everything but I see it very clearly and I hate that the whole game could implode soon without some real fixes. Thanks Dire 🐺


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      CampusLifer as always thank you for your feedback on forums. And just to be clear about that - I think a lot of "forumers" see it like I do: no post is EVER meant to attack any of PG staff showing their face to this group personally. Heck I even think you are the poor bastards getting all the negative feedback while others sun their faces in "well done ..." shoulder padding.

      Anyways. The core message of PG I basically understood is "WE DON`T LISTEN TO FORUMS" because it is not representative.
      Took me too to accept this "hard truth" but thank you for stating it out. This is the day my positive-meant-maybesometimestoobitterwords-feedback through forums will stop!

      I was actually about to open a thread wondering if those in Charge of PG decided not to do anything about the things we are writing here or if they simply don´t know. In the end it doesn´t really matter. Message is: Forums is a very small amount of biased people not being representative. That´s all I need to know.

      Panda thanks for this thread. It revealed that it is utteryl useless pointing out anything here.
      Yet the game won´t die if people (like you?) keep spending. Simply the "inner circle" will get smaller and smaller in the ecosystem but that doesn´t matter to those being inside.

      I reached a point of understand that "talking" in here doesn´t make sense anymore. Talking without consequences is just whining. To me as a player who on the one hand loves the game and Dragon theme on the other hand is vastly disappointed about the evolution of the game there are bascially only three possibilites:

      1. Learn to live with it and shut it
      2. stay angry and keep expressing it - specially with feedback and rating for app store
      3. quit the game and move on

      I envy all those (amoeba, aldi etc.) who managed Option 3... I am not quiet there yet but I guess it won´t take much longer. Probably going to break Emerald Dragon wall only to find out that the Tier AFTER Obsidian (ruby or whatevery you´ll call it) will be more then lightyears away...


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        I have to 100% agree with Panda. I consider myself a moderate spender but some may consider me a small time whale. I have a 300+ base and all dragons except for the newest obsidians. I used to spend $1-200 a week or so and fight for the newest and overpriced dragons, just because I could. But I havent spent a dime this season and I do not know if I will, my guess at this point is no.

        I come to these forums and I see a ton of feedback with much of it good ideas which would make this game better, more player friendly, and less of a money pit. But I keep reading and all I see is, well other than the blanket BS response from PG, absolutely nothing done. Why even have these forums? I almost feel as if it has become a game to see who you can piss off enough to come to the forums and rant about how terrible it is. (My money is always on Panda for speaking up btw) I salute him for stepping in every week nearly to give feedback, mostly negative, but honestly that is just about all there can be with the product you are forcing down players throats.

        I have started feeling the fact that PG is focusing all of their efforts on making the quickest dollar they can, basically for the same amount of time that I have not been spending. I guess in reality it started with the mega coin and blatant disregard for the players. No, I did not start feeling it because I stopped spending, I stopped spending because I started feeling it. PVPs are a joke. Period. If I spend $2-300 during a PVP weekend and barely get 1/3 the rewards, you have screwed up as developers. Period. Why the hell woudl anyone do that over and over? I do not care how much extra money I have laying around, I do not care if someone gave me money to specifically spend here, I would not and will not. You lost me at mega coin. You have 100% ruined a great game.

        Here is your three point plan to success. If you have any other ideas for “success”, throw them out the window now.
        1. Drop the mega coin and take PVPs back to what they were
        2. Scale the cost of dragon tiers starring in sapphire. I have made numerous posts on this subject as has everyone else.
        3. Listen to your feedback here. DONT just hear it.

        It is up to you if this game lives or dies. Now is the turning point. Make it happen PG or you will lose this game and its followers.


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          Originally posted by Thatguy472 View Post
          I have to 100% agree with Panda. I consider myself a moderate spender but some may consider me a small time whale. I have a 300+ base and all dragons except for the newest obsidians. I used to spend $1-200 a week or so and fight for the newest and overpriced dragons, just because I could. But I havent spent a dime this season and I do not know if I will, my guess at this point is no.
          I am in nearly the same situation. And I am also not willing to spend anymore on a PVP Event. Even if you buy some mega coins, you get nowhere in the prize ranks. The amount somebody needs to spend to be in a decent rank is simply ridiculous. And the events are really boring. I am still willing to spend on a breeding event, but even there it's getting less and less. Most of the time, you get shiny but crappy breeders. Once in a while there is a dragon like Noc, which is really fun to fly and a big help in wars. Ok, so should it not be the other way round if you pay a lot to have the shiny new dragons? More fun dragons instead of perfect designed but bloody useless ones?

          I really don't care anymore if I get 1 or 3 season dragons. At least this season there was a "quite ok" discount dragon.
          So I am waiting for the Atlas/boats/knights - whatever worldmap - roll out. Until then, I keep my wallet closed as tightly as I can because that is the only feedback that will really get through to a management board.


          • Thatguy472
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            I may have spent last weekend for breeding but I literally did not get the updat ein iTunes Store until 3 minutes after the event ended. Just ridiculous.

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          Is panda banned? It’s showing panda as banned under his post here.


          • Matcava
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            As a player I almost agree with everything he writes here on the forum but trust me, his last comment was a bannable one.

          • ToNyRen
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            Oh yeah I’ve seen his comments in places like LC that aren’t exactly on the right side of things. But the game related hes pretty on point.

            I also wonder why they ban ppl on forum for inappropriate sayings but not the much worse personal and racial attacks in game.

          • PGJared
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            ToNyRen, it's a matter of scale. We might see a couple dozen bad forum posts a week. On LC we might see thousands. That said, we're ramping up chat bans and in-game bans for chat violations.

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          CampusLifer [QUOTE=CampusLifer;n155271]

          One thing to understand is that this forum is not the only way we monitor the health of the game: This forum generally has a very different sample of players than our entire playerbase of millions --- often with the same 20-40 people saying the same things over and over in an echochamber.

          Not all people are comfortable to write on forums and not all want to use the forum. If you really want to know what players are thinking about certain stuff you introduced do the in-game survey where ALL PLAYERS can answer and publish the results here. That way you will know for sure what your customers like or dislike and we will also know what majority want.
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          • ZodaTheFrog
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            like that one, but it wont happen mate, they only care about the money. taking bonus meter away and keeping roughly the points you need to cap the event tells you the story.

          • gox1201
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            Playerbase of millions? Lol

          • SuavGlav
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            Y'know what was a really good cross-sectional representation of players? The ASHENVALE CHAT.

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          R.I.P. So it seems we have(temporarily) lost another one of the top tellers of truth on the forums. Panda's insights and delightful truths will be missed.
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          • MareZ
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            Matcava said that Panda was temporarily banned.

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          Dropped by to see how War Dragons is doing. All I can say is WOW. This whole last week has been a cluster and a half by the look of it. Ok, a misguided new UI which invoked a harsh roasting, it is fixable. Why are so many people being banned??? Deal with the damn issues!! Treat your customers with some sympathy and understanding, NOT contempt and disdain.

          I've never seen this forum so full of vitriol and fury. Not even during sync errors. The toxicity has been increasing for a while. People are passionate about this game. Do they go overboard sometimes? Yea. That happens with angry customers. Their points may be hidden in anger and frustration, but the points are valid for the most part. I'm one of those who reached the point of not caring about the game anymore, for many months my voice joined all the others giving examples, constructive criticism and explanations of why the game was going down the pan and decisions were driving away good long-term players (namely, but not restricted to, the steeply inclining costs - building times, gold chest contents, mega coins - hackers, cheaters and pack loaders, inaccurate data being used as a result of those players actions as an excuse to ramp up costs, tier releases, tower levels and prize tiers). Aside from the removal of gifting (thank you), the real problems which have made this game rotten to the core have not been addressed or even acknowledged.

          Going round banning multiple people over some spurious rule about 30 day old threads, or for speaking their opinion, is quite frankly outrageous. You guys have taken a roasting recently and I'm sure it's a stressful day in the office. But this is a horrible unprofessional way to handle the situation. Imagine you worked in the electricity supply industry. Your electricity network goes down for a week. By the 2nd day, your customers will be seriously angry and calling into your customer service non-stop. So you go over the T&Cs and find a clause from 1996 about harrassing employees so you have your phone system provider block those people from calling in. Some of those customers will be big corporate firms spending thousands per month but you're kinda stressed and you just want to be petty and shut them up so you block them anyway. No business in their right mind would do that. You pacify your customer, accept you screwed up, suck up the grief and do better in future.

          I await the ban hammer and could not care less.


          • XxTrue1xX
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            What I don't understand is why they don't admit they are wrong or give the customer the benefit of the doubt. For some of these issues i would(if i was an employee) be sending gold chests out in groups of 10-50 just for the trouble. "Oh darn, we messed up so let's make the playerbase pay for it" NO! It should instead be: "Oh darn, we messed up so lets make sure our players don't leave out of anger and then shame on us for messing and having to gift all these players compensation that takes time and could give them reason not to spend" The whole reason they aren't leanring from these mistakes is because they are making the players suffer the consequences to THEIR (PG's) actions. It's understandable that they don't want to give out free stuff and want to make money, that's what a business is! If a chef makes a mistake when cooking the meal is free is the customer is dissatisfied and then he cooks a free dessert to show how much he cares. PG needs to take some responsibility for their msitakes and realize that the customer matters more than their profits if they can't program a single game.

            I have no idea how to make them change their ways. I would like to make a thread about this but i am working on trying to reopen a thread over sharing ideas to improve the game. If not i can simply recreate it and add to it.

          • MPL_Pot
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            I have a friend that worked for a government contracting company and the company wanted to cut down the support calls. You know what the solution was....remove the phone number from the website. Can't call support if you don't know the number. I wish I was kidding.

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          I normally refrain from posting in this forum. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm one of those players who do not understand the mechanics,statistics or coding of the game. I just love the dragons and the game and I love the friends I've made during my 2 years of playing. I'm not a spender. I'm just that person who wants to have something fun to do when I have free time. I'm not against spending. I simply can't.
          I post today to say that it isn't just 40 or so people who post all the time in the forum. I am a player who has quietly put my trust, confidence and gratitude into these smart people who know what is broken, they know how to tell you and they have really good ideas of how to fix it.
          I see them trying over..and over...and over..and over..and yes. I see them upset and getting rude about it. Who can blame them.
          From just a player point of view, I have the same gripes and dissatisfaction in my game play that these 40 or so players are trying to bring to your attention constantly!!
          I find it saddening that all I see are neutral, non committed answers that mean nothing coming from Pocketgems.
          If you're an employee of PocketGems and you're getting butthurt over angry people, look to your bosses and actually be the people's voice. The game is broken,
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            And once again another fuck up to start an event. And you people wonder why we are always pissed at you. Honestly, you’re just making yourselves look like a joke.


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              CampusLifer thanks for your post.

              in terms of “Players on this forum love to point out problems with spells in the gold tier or sapphire tier of dragons. Guess which spell actually has the highest number of complaints across the entire playerbase is the "evasion" spell (remember that one where you fly really fast and is pretty broken?)”

              Do you not consider a large part of this is that the dragons with evasion are far easier to obtain, therefore more players will have them in order to complain about them. Once you hit the sapphire wall you’re lucky to get 1 new dragon every breed event, personally I’m on 0.5 of a drag every event - painfully slow going.

              Of course you’re going to have more feedback about dragons which are far more attainable, and let’s be honest even if the evasion spell works it’s not far from pointless so these are clearly players with not much experience.

              While I understand you have to listen to the whole player base, most games cater for the top, middle and bottom. I would say most on these forums are at or hear the top end and largely feel annoyed by lack of responses, condescending support/admin and painfully slow progress as soon as you hit sapphire and/or 40+ towers.

              At the top unless you’re a whale the game simply isn’t enjoyable anymore, and it’s been said for months. So they’re not all complaining about evasion but these are players who’ve stuck through the game, sometimes for years and for what? When you see players from dread and other diamond teams saying the game sucks that should be raising flags with someone, but instead you’re focussed on evasion because it’s mentioned the most.

              ps this is not a request for a new tier because a few whales have them all. That’s not what I mean by catering to the top, it couldn’t be further from it in fact.


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                Well PG is consistent at least. Player tells PG uncomfortable truth about customer service, the lack there of & PG’s constant failures & ineptitude. Playergets banned.


                • PGJared
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                  That's not why Panda was banned.

                • Cameron90
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                  Oh please. Yes it was. Say what you want, we know the truth.

                • Dravoz
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                  Hilarious. Player banned - problem solved as far as PG are concerned. They might as well just admit that their presence here is simply a facade to create an illusion of engagement with the player base. No one in the PX team gives a flying fuck about the player experience. That's the reality.

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                Agree with Panda - PG, please don't dismiss the people on the forum as 'a small vocal minority'. We are the ones passionate about the game enough to come here to feedback issues, not everyone does that.

                There is so many issues we repeatedly feedback to you but fall on deaf ears...the sapphire wall for example. Absolutely nothing being done to fix this glaring issue, and not even any acknowledgement you understand the issue...I think the main issue is you don't play the game as much as your players, and don't understand the game itself. And when knowledgeable players let you know whats broken, nothing appears to be done.

                I know you guys at PG work hard, but we are all trying to help make the game better, and if the playerbase is happy then WE SPEND MORE! It's a no brainer, please start listening and acting.

                How about picking a dozen or so people who contribute positively to the forum and game, get them together and listen?


                • SuavGlav
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                  Monthly feedback thread. Ashenvale Alliance. Creator's Faction.

                  All player-driven avenues of feedback. All abandoned by PG.

                • MareZ
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                  1) Monthly feedback thread was stopped due to the fast pace of feedback not matching the implementation pace of PG's programmers, but they made a mega thread to step in its place (haven't seen it being bumped, maybe it should be sticky so noone gets banned for bumping it lol).

                  2) AA was abandoned.

                  3) CF was never abandoned, it's still there but it's probably not being used for feedback as the UI disaster showed.

                  Know your facts.

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                Fully agree with Panda.
                From the PG attitude to my "missed" account, they don't care what expection of players, even throw a player away who would like to spend in the game....