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The Hard Truth

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  • The Hard Truth

    Watching this game at this point is like pouring water into a bathtub with the drain open. Yes, CampusLifer tries their best to patch security but for the most part every other part of the game breeds nothing but disdain, disgust and borderline hatred from their player base. All you see are rising costs and less and less in return. PG even opened a forum thread about the mega coin and the response was overwhelmingly negative and what was their response, absolutely ignored. I am sure PGJared is going to come in and give some speech about customer service but at some point you have to ask where is it? Towers cost more and more, dragons come faster. Events have nothing to do with any kind of skill, commitment or teamwork. It is all about the mega coin, a fucking mechanic that is universally despised.

    I can say this as someone who uses too many super attacks as it is...for those that have to use regular attacks, it has to feel like you are trying to sprint in quicksand. Hours and hours spent and probably make almost no dent in the achievements.

    I can say in the years I have spent gaming I have seen a lot but I can say I haven't seen a group of people quite as reviled as this. Other games there is less interaction with support but at least they don't lie to you directly to try and tell you how they are looking at it or care. I really enjoy my team and wanted to hope the game but watching the bullshit like the mega coin forced on people, hopefully the game dies sooner rather than later and people can just get on with it. I guess when you look at it, it is simply the company revealing more of what and who they really are. The old saying of "You can't buy class" seems to apply here. At the end of the day, despicable companies and people will be just that if given the opportunity and PG seems to be milking it for all it's worth.

    In case they see this as a "personal attack", it really isn't that. At the end of the day you're just awful. It is just an observation, you seem proud of what you do so no need to feel bad.
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    Well put and very true
    Level 220


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      I completely agree this is one of the most bizarre game models I've ever seen in 20 years of gaming


      • Mrtheplague
        Mrtheplague commented
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        LOL, Ive said almost that exact thing on here. Wierd, strange, reverse loot creep, accelerated power creep.

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      I'm glad they at least aren't banning you for keep saying your honest opinion. True1 was banned for keep saying things yesterday.

      While personally I don't use such strong words, but I can see where you're coming from. Even spending doesn't feel as exciting anymore, and it was.

      This is supposed to be like a game of poker. Players go against players as the main game, not players versus the casino. You almost are guranteed to lose in the long term if you gamble against casino. But poker is one of the few you actually go against fellow players based on your ability to play, observe and startegize. Now this once used to be a poker game is becoming a different one that we all play against the casino itself. The casino always wins.

      Again, I hope you hang around the forum for as long as the game lasts. We need a voice like you who doesn't get banned for saying it.


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        I agree Panda I dont understand why they treat us like shit. I also don't understand why I keep coming back.

        50 shades of war dragons maybe we all like kinky phychological pain

        Other games I have played had almost the reverse model where customer was #1.

        This game realy feels like you are busting your nuts to date the prom queen and she gives you a smile every so often once you buy her lunch or help her pass the maths exam.

        But as soon as she doesnt have a current use for you she is catching up with Johnny the quarterback and the rest of the team for a 20 on 1 weekend getaway.

        When she comes back you know she is damaged goods but you still help her with some issues she is having with her dad and take her to the abortion clinic a few weeks later after her 20 on 1 romp.

        Deep down you think she will change and surely will return some affection since you are the only bloke that genuinely cares about her and helps her but she never does..

        Maybe I better stop there before PG thinks this is a fable


        • NoCover
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          Nice analogy.. funny and spot on!

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        Couldn't agree more. PG don't deserve the loyal customer base they have.


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          Thank you Panda for hitting the nail on the head. I can agree with you 100%. I used to grind and want to try hard; now there's no point.


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            Well i’ll say thanks for posting thoughtful and well articulated post before Jared comes in with his almighty ban hammer.


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              I wonder how long pg expects a game to live before declaring it a legacy game and moving on to their next project.

              For war dragons I think the time is now.

              Currently most people get to level 150 and quit. Here you need to decide to spend or not. And the amount of money you need to spend is crazy figuring that you are still no where near the top.

              It seems obvious to me that pg is getting ready to butcher this cash cow and is doing what ever is least effort to get the most milk out before it dies.


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                Well said...bravo...cheerio and all that good stuff. As it stands I'm well poised to make my exit come the release of boats or whatever it has morphed into now. I barely play this game for the reasons that panda and all the other people other than yellow monkey have already articulated here on the forums and have most likely been banned for. This game is a turd circling the proverbial toilet bowl. We aren't talking about the initial flush where it is circling wide. We are in the final throes to survive the last moment before it disappears forever down the unknown tube to the turd grinder.
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                  I agree with everything you've said but the fact that you said it. Yes, the game sucks because of these aspects. What does whining do on the forums? Nothing at all... I learned this within some of my first posts. You can't expect them to change these things by telling them that these certain things suck. Tell them why they are so horrendous AND how to fix it. There's criticism, and then there's constructive criticism. I am not saying that I haven't done this myself but i do hope to change your way of thinking.

                  Specifically going off of your points you've listed, I wanted to expand off of them:

                  The mega coin was a big mistake. They always lead with the lines "the playerbase never liked _____ in the beginning but look at ____ now" What should be done with these new additions to the game should be a survey to go out to the players with the new stuff to determine if it stays, changes, or goes. There ARE somethings in this game that were introduced and hated but are now loved. There are also things that are okay but could use some minor changes these minor changes could be a subsection of the "change" choice and could list a couple options but then have an other option where the player could make his/her own and elaborate in more detail.

                  Nice post, just the wrong frame of mind in my opinion. There are many posts like this and it's apparent that we don't get answers through this type of communication. I hope these changes are made and we don't have to visit the forums just as much as you.


                  • maattheeew
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                    XxTrue1xX where did I say anything works? And if you're a regular on the forums I'm very confused why you think constructive criticism works given I can go look back to long before I was playing this game and see all the same issues that havent been addressed. I'm saying I understand that the players are done posting their "polite suggestions" how many of these threads have you seen? Maybe a hundred? How many of those issues have been addressed even in well laid out posts?

                  • Texas820
                    Texas820 commented
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                    You don't have to be active on the forums to know that what you're referring to as constructive criticism works better than ranting or just complaining. I've yet to find a situation in life that griping about it does more for myself or the community than laying out the problems WITH solution. Yes it's more time consuming, and heck of a lot more frustrating when you feel ignored but at least you know your trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

                    "You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar"

                  • XxTrue1xX
                    XxTrue1xX commented
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                    If you are wanting example of where constructive criticism work look at all of Red's posts. Just click on the admins' chat history and you can find the good response that don't come after the negative posts pretty easily. Normally you just see their comments being not ban related and of a positive consensus, which is what comes after nice posts that are easily answered. Some posts can be too extensive and not approachable, yes that's true. I for one think if you ask too many questions the admins are too afraid to answer them in full fearing that they will get ganged up on for not answering to the individuals' satisfaction. I hope to make my question more and more inviting to answer but instead they flock towards the negative, "toxic" comments that need to be adressed with bans as they aren't excaptable to their rules. Play by their rules till you can't anymore. Once you can't function as you normally would you know it's time to go, and at this point i know i can keep post my ideas and my feedback. The moment it is apprtent that my feedback is not being listened to is the moment i am gone from here.

                    Maybe I've seen 2 threads or maybe I've seen 100, what does it matter? The way Texas820 words this is on point. I don't know any way to put it. ( Texas820 Thx! )

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                  CoffeePop wrote:

                  > I wonder how long pg expects a game to live before declaring it a legacy game and moving on to their next project.
                  > For war dragons I think the time is now.
                  > Currently most people get to level 150 and quit. Here you need to decide to spend or not. And the amount of money you need to spend is crazy figuring that you are still no where near the top.
                  > It seems obvious to me that pg is getting ready to butcher this cash cow and is doing what ever is least effort to get the most milk out before it dies.

                  Copy & Pasting my response from the following thread which was similar feedback as CoffeePop..


                  Hi. Pocket Gems has definitely not "given up on War Dragons". We have a big team of people working hard on improving the product on a bunch of different dimensions (spells and towers, events, server scalability, app stability, crossplatorm-android, improvements for other languages, big swing new designs, security, customer service). We'll work harder to improve our communication and highlight the work we're doing to improve things.

                  We fanatically track engagement, activity and "happiness" through a bunch of different methods. We definitely care a lot about this and we try to react as we can. We view this as the most important thing to optimize --- and having a growing playerbase is the the route to a growing game (and yes, revenue). One thing to understand is that this forum is not the only way we monitor the health of the game: This forum generally has a very different sample of players than our entire playerbase of millions --- often with the same 20-40 people saying the same things over and over in an echochamber. We do read the forum and view it as one of the qualitative ways to look at the health of the game for some of our highest level players, but we don't equate that to be representative of the entire game. I'll give you an example of this. Players on this forum love to point out problems with spells in the gold tier or sapphire tier of dragons. Guess which spell actually has the highest number of complaints across the entire playerbase is the "evasion" spell (remember that one where you fly really fast and is pretty broken?) --- no one on this forum ever talks about that spell even though it's the one effecting the highest number of players because the set of people on this forum aren't representative of the entire playerbase. We definitely care about fixing issues of the set of people who write on these forums (as they're some of our most hardcore players) but not at the exclusion of everyone else.

                  We are dedicated to continuing to improve War Dragons -- both in terms of improving the existing feature set, expanding the content, and creating high very-different new features --- and that's not the kind of investment a company would do if they've "given up". Some players might not like the first cut at our "world map" beta feature --- but I think it's clear that companies don't make this kind of investment of creating HUGE risky new features for products if they have given up on the product and are only trying to harvest it for revenue.

                  Dravoz is right. As you all know (see other posts) we're in a transition period with our community management. I honestly think the core problem right now is that we're working through this and need to tighten things up. In terms of the core product, in terms of actual bugs we've actually been relatively stable compared to many periods in the past --- for instance we had long periods where the rate that the game crashed was literally 12x higher than it is today, the game has a "sync error" restart in 1 out of 3 sessions, and battle disconnected so often between rounds so often that people never hit "invite teammates" before battle. It's really hard to argue that the game is at an all-time low in terms of core bugs and stability --- we've made massive improvements from those times and we continue to work hard to continue.


                  To add to that, for sure the investments we're making in the game are NOT "just content" --- it's patently false. e.g., whether you disagree with the direction of features like worldmap/perches you have to agree that they major large investments in creating new ways of playing which are not "just content".

                  (to be clear, this is not in response to Panda's post or anyone else --- it's response to CoffeePop's post about PG putting war dragons in "legacy" mode. That's definitely wrong --- we have a massive team working on war dragons trying to build big innovative new changes. people might think the changes are incorrect --- but it's not the type of investment a company makes unless they believe the product has a long future)


                  • ITIL
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                    And now... Panda sandwich

                    Thanks CL

                  • maattheeew
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                    Evasion...really...I'm not even high level and for goodness sake fix freeze not hitting the last 2 towers on the long middle island that started with your silly graphics team (have to be specific so PGJared doesn't come in ignoring every post just to say it's like asking a painter to fix your transmission) and the UI update. Feel free to cater to those who want their evasion fixed. Seems majority only rules when it's something like Evasion. Sweet, way to cater to your player base. I've never heard one person complain about an evasion glitch in the 3 months I've been playing. Not saying there is no glitch, trust me I believe it lol. But really. You guys need somebody who actually plays the game so you know the things that matters. I had in-game support yesterday tell me that red mage towers block blue spells from being used and that must be why my freeze is glitched. CampusLifer come on.

                  • maattheeew
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                    That said, freeze glitching might be just me, I'm just using it as an example. I really hope the reason why none of the hundreds of major issues that have been brought up here for months are not being ignored because of evasion, that's all I'm saying.

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                  CampusLifer I believe y'all are investing into the game and trying to improve it. And I understand that those that post in the forums are more hardcore about the game and as such are typically higher level and a smaller percentage of the player base than we'd like to imagine but I think that has to do with a problem that has been brought up. That problem being after level 150-185 (I've heard different numbers) the amount of money that must be spent to progress even a level is almost highway robbery, this in turn causes a large percentage of those higher levels to stop playing. Now I know that every game has a larger "newbie" group than experienced group and as such more rss are put into fixing things that go wrong with them. But I also feel like if things, like the great sapphire wall which has been mentioned so frequently that I know all about it despite only being in platinum, were attended to y'all could have a larger player base of more experienced players sticking around.
                  Now I've never looked at y'alls numbers so I could be wrong but I feel like the ratio of newer players to more experienced players is vastly greater in WD than in a comparable game. If rss are continuously poured into the larger base of new players and the experienced portion of players perceives that they are being neglected you'll never grow your experienced base of players. I know y'all don't think you are neglecting us, but as my Father says "reality is 90% perception". Or in other words, even if it's completely false if we perceive that we are neglected then we will continue to act as if we are neglected. Which means we will leave. (Let it stand on the record that I still hate that saying).
                  I'm hoping that on the new forum being created y'all will implement the suggestion to have a page that is updated "frequently" with what is being worked on. I believe this above all other things will help the perception of your hardcore players.

                  We realize, or at least should, that changes happen in any growing game and we need to act accordingly. Instead of bashing the changes, we should suggest ways to improve those changes as xxTrue1xx said above and as Red does in almost all his post.

                  Ps. The mega coin, while I disagree with it on a fundamental basis is a pay to win strategy and so I can't stop you from making a buck. But nerfing those that put the time and strategize for points by taking away the bonus meter is rude. please bring it back.


                  • Charot
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                    But you know, others don't like the bonus meter because it forces people to play for quite a period of time to maximize it. Maybe to compromise, PG removed the bonus meter for this event and maintained it to the last major event

                  • Texas820
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                    But by getting rid of the bonus meter they nerfed those that took the time to use the bonus meter without benefiting anyone else. For those that don't like the bonus meter because of time, they are now getting the same amount of points that they would if they played whenever they wanted to if the bonus meter was there. So why not keep it for those that like it, and those that don't just not use it?

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                  Totally agree with Panda


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                    CampusLifer Aren't you in violation of the no Spamming rule in the Rules of Conduct? You could have just left a comment under CoffePop's post, instead of creating a new post that doesn't respond to the OP. And you can copy the link to your post by clicking on the post number, so you don't have to spam a wall of text.