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  • Swap

    im sure this might have been raised a few times. Can we get the swap button moved? Keep it on the same side. Just maybe move it to the bottom of the screen. Or some place we won’t accidentally hit it? Nothing sucks more than hitting swap when you’re backing a team mate on an xp run.

  • #2
    You can disable it in the settings menu.


    • #3
      Yeah I would like to customize it's location also but that doesn't seem to be an option.
      Hell I even want to customize it's size as I think it's way too big on a phone.

      But those don't seem to be options, only enable/disable which doesn't address the issues for me.


      • #4
        It seems like something has changed with the swap button since latest UI update. I "swapped" without thinking I was anywhere near it three times in a row and have never done that in over a year of playing this game. Is it more sensitive or something?


        • YellowMonkey
          YellowMonkey commented
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          Same here, I don’t even remember the last time I hit it by accident, yet after the UI update it is an issue.

        • Sparky
          Sparky commented
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          Glad to yet sorry to hear YellowMonkey I was really starting to wonder if my new Google Pixel was screwing up with phantom screen presses or something. Don't see this mentioned in the UI changes for next update but hopefully it will be fixed.

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        Does the diamond part of the swap button act as the hit box? AKA did you make the swap button unintentionally larger than it previously was with the UI change?


        • #6
          I know you can disable it. But don’t want it disabled. Just placed somewhere that it is less likely to be accidentally hit.


          • ITIL
            ITIL commented
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            There've been various threads about moving/customizing the swap button, and it's unlikely to happen. You can look up CampusLifer's past posts for more detailed responses.

        • #7
          It seems bigger with the new update and to be in the way of monuments more. would be nice if they moved it up right under the health bar and shrunk it a little. I don't think I ever need to target that location for aiming.


          • #8
            I know i hit swap accidentally for the first time in probably close to a year yesterday.


            • #9
              Just make it smaller again. Please for the love of god don't move it.
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                Second that red !!!
                Leave the button where it has always been
                but simply give us the old square button back!
                This new diamond is larger and more easily hit
                and the old button was already in the way!

                The old adage applies here if isn't broke don't FIX it. 🤷🏼*♂️


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                  Hi! Since we started work on War Dragons, we've received a bunch of player feedback on the position of the swap button and amount of confirmation. I've seen us change it 4x times to suit the latest player requests! To be honest, I've personally come to the conclusion that no matter what default configuration we come to, unfortunately there's going to be some segment of people who don't like it.

                  I think the only suggestion which will finally make everyone happy is a feature to personalize the configuration of your HUD-UI. But that's a big undertaking and this is a relatively infrequent complaint --- I don't think it's right to prioritize it above all the other requests we're hearing right now.


                  • The Unruly Moose
                    The Unruly Moose commented
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                    CampusLifer We are referencing the recent change to the swap button from last update. This new change has made the chance of accidentally swapping far greater than it was just prior to the update. Most of us are aware of the history with swap button and this is not part of that old conversation, this new configuration does not suit the player population. This is feedback that needs to be brought up to the team... we are not asking for a HUD-UI. I’m trying to be nice... but often your responses seem to be out of touch with information posted. Please review what players are saying and bring this to light to the team that can fix this issue.

                  • Matcava
                    Matcava commented
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                    I have to agree here, nothing wrong with the position but after the last update I swapped 3 times accidentally.

                  • Nate2003
                    Nate2003 commented
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                    Would it be possible to provide the coordinates of the center of the SWAP button in the old UI verse the new UI and the size of the hit box in the old verse new? It feels like the SWAP button has changed though it may be optics or something.

                • #12
                  CampusLifer The current problem is caused By the daft diamond shaped buttons.

                  They activate on a square containing them.

                  So the diamond sits inside an activation square the size of the diagonals of the diamond. Thereby including the corners of the square that visually have no button.

                  You can try it on the other diamond shaped buttons like the attack bottom right of your own island view.
                  Last edited by JSG; 09-27-2017, 04:04 AM.


                  • Sparky
                    Sparky commented
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                    That, my good Sir, makes total sense... I knew I was close to but never hit the diamond itself. Nothing like that sinking feeling when you've agreed to back someone and there you go off into the wild blue yonder.... :>)

                • #13

                  The problem revolves around the location and shape of the button being further into the screen than the previous version. See below for the overlay details of where the new vs old are located and hopefully you can see why this is a small problem for some people.


                  • #14
                    Let's see how it looks in the 3.61 update. If this is still an issue we will talk to the UI team and see what can be managed.


                    • Mechengg
                      Mechengg commented
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                      The UI changes i saw didn't include anything specific for this particular button, more of a generic "reduced the size for the new UI"

                      I thought that you were letting us know that there was changes incoming for this specific issue/button, but whatever the case is I'll definitely be looking out for this issue as soon as 3.61 hits and will provide feedback in this thread for you Jared.

                      Thanks for keeping on top of this.

                    • PGJared
                      PGJared commented
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                      Yeah, I'm not sure there's anything specific for this button. There is a reduction in some button sizes, which may help out with the problem being described here. If not we can always take in more feedback.

                    • SilentOne
                      SilentOne commented
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                      It's not just about the size of the Swap button though, the hotspot is actually outside the graphic. As mentioned elsewhere there is a squared hotspot surrounding the visual diamond graphic.

                      I just deliberately hit near but outside the graphic on an iPad, and the swap activated.

                  • #15
                    Hi PGJared

                    So with the 3.61 UI coming out there was no scaling at all done to the swap button as shown above. Is it possible to revisit this issue with the team at some point and either adjust the size of the button and/or the hitbox of it?

                    All i ever hear in any of the chat groups is "move the swap button, i keep hitting it" or "move it above the spells" and that other nonsense which was addressed in other threads about moving it. I think that resizing would alleviate most if not all of those style of comments without moving the location of the button. I'm not sure what you are seeing in the support channel but i may hazard a guess that the UI related messages have shifted to more swap button requests now.

                    What priority would you put this? (high/medium/low/nonexistent)


                    • Lutrus
                      Lutrus commented
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                      +1 to downsizing the swap button.

                    • Sparky
                      Sparky commented
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                      +10 here

                    • awboj
                      awboj commented
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                      Definitely. I never used to hit it accidentally until this change.