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Painful, oh so painful!!!

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  • Painful, oh so painful!!!

    The new update is very painful to play. The neon is HUGELY distracting and annoying not only in base, but they freakin have it in runs too? The stupid freakin new UI stands out more than the buildings and makes it a pain to focus on specific targets?? I don't care if they change the UI to make things diamond, or change some color schemes, that is their prerogative, but honestly? Changing it to something so outlandishly stand-out and poppy that it is painful to play? I usually get back from work and play a couple hours. I tried to convince myself to do so, but after 5 minutes I had to shut the game down.
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    Originally posted by Master Euomp View Post
    I know there are many other posts like this already, but I believe that the forums should be blown up with this and anybody who reads this should make a new post of their own on the topic if they agree. Maybe something will get done and they will change it.
    I strongly disagree with this. Spamming them and getting them pissed off is not going to make them want to help us. Keeping it within one post and keeping it semi constructive is going to do a lot more than a bunch of individual, closed posts.


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      It's cute you think PG will care either way


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        Almost as annoying as the new UI.

        One topic please. Quality trashing, not quantity trashing.


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          Thanks for distracting from the issue by promoting the idea of spamming the forums...


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