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My Eyes! or The new UI is atrocious

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    I completely agree on how pathetic this new UI is. They wasted resources (personnel time and company money) for this crap? My tablet screen is 12 inches but this stupid update makes everything so clustered together it looks smaller. Also the join/defend button blends into the background and makes it useless. What a stupid waste of an update....


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      Welcome to war dragons casino!


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        In all seriousness, this is causing headaches and nausea and while colour filters help, I shouldn’t have to make my entire device pink just to be able to run a few dragons without barfing on my screen.

        Assuming for the moment that any of this was necessary (and there are arguably much more critical issues in the game that the dev resources should have been tasked with) THIS is what you should be testing!! Not running 18month “betas” that aren’t betas anymore.

        Plus parsing issues everywhere (I have 1000578/700 egg fragments but still no dragon) game restarts every 2.5 minutes, crashing app, invites we can’t properly see, a swap button 3x it’s previous size in a nearly unavoidable shape, omg there is just so much wrong with it I don’t even know where to start reporting it all.


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          THAT DOES IT!!! I try to be remotely civil and give credit when its due, but congratulations this just takes the cake!

          HOW DOES THIS GET RELEASED?!?!? I know you can get good cheap ***** in SF, I'm from there, and its usually get particularly smashed when i visit the old hometown.

          Bravo bravo, magnifico! I am just stupefied by this splendor of blundering, fantasico! Its just so amazing that THIS is what they want to change in the game, words can not describe... I Love you PG, thank you for the unforgettable memories and new discoveries in fail that I never dreamed of

          ROLFL it just gets funnier the longer I look at it, I'm pretty sure in design class the first thing they tell you NOT to do its "Make EVERYTHING bright Orange"
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            For people with a TBI, such as me, the new "colors" and layout for this update is horrible. Guess I won't be playing much!!!!


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              This new UI is horendous! Cant look at screen without getting a headache. The most awful colors to possibly choose. Its almost rates as the worst things pg could have done. Change it back immediately!


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                Primary Your Base view:
                The font choice is overly large and the characters are wide.
                The resources should not be in a single line at the top where banners and notifications drop down from.
                the double circles over towers in the your base view are obstructive and way overbright. One line, less garish please.
                the two line chat area is too small and should be rectangular. The arrowed ends wastes space.
                the big icons are too big, the smalls ones, too small
                there's so much garbage on this screen, it's hard to see much of anything
                Way way too bright

                Chat view:
                transfers need to be a more distinctly different color like the green was before
                Font is a very bad choice for reading and too large

                Manage Team - players screen:
                the online icon blends in with some avatars (not a new issue) A better way to note that someone is online is needed
                Font is overly large

                fonts and icons are too large, can see fewer opponents in one screen

                when in swap screen for a class, a reverse level sort would be desirable with a saved state. Once you're over 200, you have a long way to scroll. Not a new issue, but an enhancement request.
                Add button to heal dragon so you don't have to bail out to heal and come back to den to swap from there. You can swap from roster, but it's often easier to find the dragon you want in the den. Also not a new issue, but an enhancement request.

                Font is poor choice and overly large. It's a space waster like the entire new UI really.
                Colors are much too bright and often where they are, doubled down on uber bright.


                • iMacDude
                  iMacDude commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Also in the breeding screen the fonts are so large that they run over each other.
                  Bases and towers have, over time, come closer to a "real life" look while the new buttons and symbols not add a cartoonish flavor which is completely disjointed and makes the screen hard to review and easily discern what you are looking for. No cohesive design.

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                Sounds like another flawless execution by our friends at PG. All this positive feedback. I can't wait for the boats launch party 🎉 🎉 🎉 . No doubt, also flawlessly executed.


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                  All this pretty much sums it up. It's just too much. Go light. Minimalist.. whatever you want to call it just the opposite of this.


                  edit - I feel like I'm playing on half my screen now.
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                  • Wait, i actually like the changes to the battle screen. The orange there is muted and not overwhelming.

                    I agree the font is childish. Just use Time New Roman font.

                    the double orange circles around everything is the primary problem with the base screen. A single circle would be fine with a bit dimmer version of orange.

                    the resource icon at the top need a black border around them to help distinguish them from the orange resource bar.

                    Chat Background color is WAY TOO BRIGHT. Use a very dark grey or even black.

                    Did i mention the font is childish? Are you advertising a childrens game or a serious war/combat game that you want people to pay money to pay?

                    It does seem like you might have united the players though, against you.


                    • One step closer to delete. Congratz PG


                      • I had to make the oranges pink just so I can play without get sick to my stomach. Yes. Pink.

                        I should not have to alter the color filters of my iPad just to play the game without getting physically ill. Oh, but it is still giving me a headache, just not as severe as the oranges were.

                        This needs to get unscrewed, and quickly. If I wanted to go to a casino, I’d go to a casino. At least they serve drinks while taking my money. Maybe if PG sent me a few bottles of something decent, I’d maybe be ok with the design, but I will never, and I repeat, NEVER, be ok with these colors.


                        • Piss poor when you have to spend half the night adjusting brightness etc because of a sorry excuse of a upgrade and it still hurts your eyes.


                          • Well, I’m impressed. You managed to make the painfully ugly and impaired UI of the Real Game look AWESOME by making Beta So much WORSE that the real game looks bloody awesome.
                            Whoever drove these changes clearly works for a competitor. Fix. This.


                            • O M G
                              Why is everything so big and bright gold/yellow?🙈😎

                              The new changes are making me sick, & the big ol bright circles are bugging me out on top of everything else. So I thank you, because the new update has given me a splitting headache🤕 and so stomach sick🤢

                              Was a nice concept, but poorly executed! Crashing way too much, timing out during battles, no more war notifications sent to team chat, nor via email. Im the leader of MyKhalasar, but im so ill right now, I dont even want to play.

                              This is no BUENO!!😡