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My Eyes! or The new UI is atrocious

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  • #31
    The worst user interface design. Why "fix" something that wasn't broken? A good game going down the drain because you can't leave well enough alone.


    • #32
      It is actually an April's fool UI, but it's been in Beta since


      • #33
        This new UI sucks balls. Too busy, can't see things cos of those stupid orange circles above buildings, can't see the banners properly or differentiate between war and normal attacks. CHANGE IT BACK PLEASE!!


        • #34
          Absolute FAIL on this UI. Painful to look at-- literally giving me a migraine. Are we only supposed to be playing in direct sunlight? Does your UI/UX team realize Winter is coming??

          I hope you kids set up Photoshop and Illustrator for more than 99 levels of undo, because DAYAM.


          • #35
            I'm getting a migraine now and my eyes are bleeding, thanks PG πŸ‘πŸ»


            • #36
              The worst graphic ever... after 10min looking at it it's becoming unplayable because of headache.... just awful awful


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                Wow new UI is terrible how did this even pass QA?

                Orange is not the new f'n black.

                How many people buy an orange car? Fk all.

                Not only is the colour terrible but the icons are too small on my phone and too close together.

                We need an option to revert back


                • #38
                  I honestly thought the preview was a joke post. To see it go live without an option to switch to the older UI.....WOW.
                  Not a smart decision.


                  • #39
                    My eyes.,.. my precious eyes feel assaulted.


                    • #40
                      Ouch, terrible Interface design.

                      lumber and wood icons blend into the orange bar almost perfectly making hard to distinguish which is which. Most buttons are EXTREMELY small on my galaxy s7 edge making them difficult to hit consistently.
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                      • #41
                        color horrible, button arragenemt/size bad but not as bad.


                        • #42
                          Change. It. Back.


                          • #43

                            what if they change the forum look too to match this one 😳


                            • SuavGlav
                              SuavGlav commented
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                              Why would you plant that idea in their brains?


                              Do you hate us all? Are you one of THEM?!?!

                            • MrJonesy
                              MrJonesy commented
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                              LOL, if it is their goal to run us out of the app screaming in physical pain.......then it worked. I can’t keep the game open for more than a few minutes without getting a headache.

                            • PGJared
                              PGJared commented
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                              We're definitely not doing that. The forum layout is already designed and we're not making changes to it this late in the game. Once the forum is live, if people hate the layout, we can make changes.

                          • #44
                            Obviously PG couldn't even do this right. It's ugly, and it's so slow. Everything takes a second or two to do anything. The text doesn't line up with the boxes either. FFS, how incompetent can one company be?
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                            • Slytha
                              Slytha commented
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                              i crash a lot with it when attacking

                            • GBill
                              GBill commented
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                              Warlord Lucky you with the iPhone 8, go boast elsewhere.

                            • Warlord
                              Warlord commented
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                              8 plus πŸ˜‘

                          • #45
                            Please. Please revert.