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My Eyes! or The new UI is atrocious

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  • My Eyes! or The new UI is atrocious

    The new UI is overly bright and overly large, obscuring much of the game on a 9.5" iPad.

    The number of issues with it are too many to mention. It's abysmal in comparison to the prior UI. Please roll this back asap.

    Every time I look at the screen I want to quit the game. It's THAT bad. I don't want to play this kind of garbage.

  • #2
    I agree. Please roll this back to the old layout. It is obnoxious to look at for even a few minutes much less hours.


    • #3
      It is horrible! Do not like it all. Why did you implement this, what was wrong with the "old" UI? Makes the gaming experience really worse.


      • #4
        Agree and the rss gets in the way of the defend banner also


        • #5
          At least allow us to set the colors away from that god-aweful orange mess. It literally makes my eyes hurt
          No joke


          • Lutrus
            Lutrus commented
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            But it's pumpkin season... /s
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          This is horrible. The UI is horrible to look at. Change it back!


          • #7
            Everyone is complaining. THIS IS A HORRIBLE CHANGE.


            • #8
              So bad!!!


              • #9
                It the most eye stressing UI i have seen in any game i recall. Please give us an option to revert back to the old UI.

                The new is truely ugly.


                • #10
                  THIS IS UNBEARABLE! I don't usually comment here but this is sooooo bad. And my android tablet is running incredibly slow. Thanks PG!


                  • #11
                    The Your Base view is the worst. And what do you look at the most? (except maybe the chat screen) Everything looks selected and bright and big and covering everything up.


                    • #12
                      It's awful. LC agrees it is awful. TC agrees it is awful. It is literally giving me a headache to look at it.

                      Who in their right mind thought this was going to be a good experience for the player base?


                      • Kronck
                        Kronck commented
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                        Agree, this thing gives a headache beyond belief

                    • #13
                      Can't believe with all the bugs and shit going on in this game this UI is what they chose to focus on. It's absolutely awful and is killing my eyes. Please change this crap back


                      • Talarius
                        Talarius commented
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                        UI development is totally separate from the main application and server back end code. So it's not they they chose to focus on this instead of something else.

                      • reDRum
                        reDRum commented
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                        So you're saying this UI update didn't cost them a penny to change? And if it did cost them money to change it, wouldn't that money have been better spent fixing the countless glitches within the game?

                      • GBill
                        GBill commented
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                        UI is handled by different people, who happen to be just as incompetent as the other programmers.

                    • #14
                      Basically looks like a dragon took a crap and smeared it across the screen.. Just go back to the UI that I didn’t hear many people complaining about (PG updating,making stuff worse then before, and customers didn’t ask for it)


                      • Texreb
                        Texreb commented
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                        So many other things they could have been working on but they choose stuff players didn’t ask for and disregard what people asked for

                    • #15
                      Don't like the old base look with the new neon lights. It simply isn't working.